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February 04, 2007


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p.s. Though I will second Neverending Story as a little-heard-of but truly awesome movie!

Martin Mazur

My number one positive movie is The Big Lebowski(1998). Office Space(1999) is a strong second pick.


My top 3 are Practical Magic, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Summer School. Great feel good movies that always give me a boost when I need it.

Mark Sicignano

I can't believe that nobody has mentioned "The Truman Show" yet.

Also, a silly-but-positive movie which is sure to inspire people who are "stuck" in a downer of a job or surrounded by downer people is "Joe vs the Volcano" with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.


It's funny you should mention "Joe vs. the Volcano." I actually just borrowed it from the Library and watched it again for the first time in 15 years or so.

I couldn't believe how extraordinary this movie was. Extremely stylistic, leaving you with the feeling that every little detail in every shot was thought out. Joe's workplace was so well crafted that it literally made me cringe.

I think this may be one of the most underrated, undiscovered movies of the last 20 years and would recommend it to anyone. It definitely deserves a place on this list.


One of my favorites, and not likely to be mentioned by others is _Fresh_. It has a strong message about everyone having a chance to change their lives and the lives of others, but changing sometimes requires very difficult (and *hard*) choices and harsh sacrifices. Finding a better situation for yourself requires looking beyond *now* and the usual solutions presented.


My favorite movie is The Princess Bride. Not only does it have all the elements I like in movies - romance, comedy and action - but it is also a great story of leadership, never giving up, going beyond what others expect of you, working hard to ultimately get what is most important to you, and the meaning of true love.


How about great movies that not only make u feel good but inspire you to go out and win in your life like:
The Guardian
We are Marshall
Rocky Balboa
Freedom Writers

executive office space

"Office Space(1999) is a strong second pick." office spac is definitely my number one If you've ever been jammed in a cubicle, stuck working for some corporate giant where casual Fridays and the occasional birthday cake are all you have to pass the time, then there's a good chance Office Space is among your favorite films. At my previous job, we used to have a guy who would walk around constantly quoting lines from the film -- a self-appointed Office Space guru.

Nike Shox Rivalry

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