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January 14, 2007


Tess Marshall

This makes a lot of sense, Nicholas.

I also think it's important to differentiate your CV. I've worked as both an HR and operational manager, so have seen a lot of CVs (sigh!) over the years. Only two really stand out in my mind.

In one the person said she wanted to "make a difference". I thought she would be either unbearably cheesy or great, and when I met her I knew she'd be the latter. I employed her, we worked together for a couple of very productive years and now we're good friends. And she always makes a difference.

In the other, instead of putting "Profile" or "Skills" at the top of her CV, the applicant put "What I can do for you". I interviewed her and really liked her. I've not yet found the right job for her at my current organisation but I going to keep on trying.

In both cases, all other elements of the CVs were great: spelling, punctuation, content, skills; this should go without saying, but unfortunately doesn't.

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