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December 30, 2006


Patricia Ryan Madson

Thanks for mentioning Improv Wisdom on your blog. It is such a kindness to me that you are passing on the word about the book. The challenges of life, living outside one's comfort zone, are always with us. I admire how you are stretching your own way of doing things. It has helped me. May your new year be filled with agreeable improvisations, and new places of growth.
Best regards,
Patricia Ryan Madson

Matthew Cornell

Thanks for your kind words, Patricia. Glad to help!


Two thoughts to add:

Unfortunately, most people in at least the US if asked what their personal philosophy is would say, "Huh???". To include stepping out of your comfort zone with intent assumes some sort of personal philosophy defining your sense of self.

Second, too many people feel that using a personal management system like GTD means crushing out all the spontaneity out of your life, and any chance of going past your comfort zone. Not So! A trusted system means you can pick how you will step out - knowing the rest of your life will not fall apart.


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Major Motoko Kusanagi is indeed a great example of being able to move outside her comfort zone. In the very beginning of the movie you mentioned she actually falls from the roof of a very high building and yet remains altogether calm and concentrated. Last year I have been a lot out of my comfort zone, which indeed changed me greatly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience about that. It's always great to know that other people struggle with the same demons one has to face.

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