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October 02, 2006


Janet Auty-Carlisle

How do I get unstuck? Well, first off, let me say Scott I always enjoy your creativity and the notion of you with your nametag on at all times. Cool concept. So, for me, getting unstuck means really processing what it is that is keeping me stuck in the first place and pondering if indeed I am stuck or just in a holding pattern. Once I determine the former I then go about working on how to be "un-stuck." I am very clear on my end goal vision of what I want my business to look like and what a difference it will make in the world. On the days when the clouds mar my vision I work on clearing and learning to stay true to that vision. On the days when my feet feel stuck in the mud and won't let me move forward I take my shoes off and walk in a different direction: a new perspective if you will. I accept that I will be stuck, that this is a place of learning and work to acknowledge the learning growth that will come out of it. So far, so good. Living la vida fearless, Jan

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