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July 06, 2006


Dawn Goldberg

Whitney, this was such a great article. We always hear words to that similar effect - "You'll regret it if you never take that chance" or "When you're old, you want to leave the world having done everything you want to."

However, your post was so strong and compelling - I think it will strike a chord with many people who can relate to being paralyzed by fear. I especially loved your recounting of being in the nursing home and listening to the regrets of old women.

Thank you!


Thanks for the positive, enthusiastic feedback, Dawn.

There's a lot to be learned from our older generations, which much of our society largely misses out on because they don't stop long enough to talk and listen. Potentially, the younger generations could avoid making (repeating) some mistakes -- and reduce the number of regrets they carry -- by listening to the voices of experience.

Thanks again for the compliments. They're a lovely way to end the week.


Why, yes, Mr. Genius. Inspiring to the core.

Let's create a Get Rich Quick CD and workbook course and market this! Maybe we can go on tour. Lots of money to be made impassioning others to avoid ejaculating their limitless potential. With your brains and my brawn we can't go wrong.

Maybe we can get Benny Hinn to join in, too.
Throw away those crutches, grandpa, and seize that journalism degree!


this is beautiful. thank you so much.

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