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July 10, 2006



I want to tattoo those last two sentences on the back of my hand!

Jodee Bock

Patti: You are a brilliant writer and I'm always inspired by you! Your observations, along with your citations of other deep thinkers, have given all of us so much wonderful food for thought. Thank you for sharing your genius with us here - and wherever else you BE!



A million thank yous. Oh, I needed to read this so much. This is my year of learn to live side by side with fear--and create anyway. :)

Mystic Mog

That was amazing - I never cease to be gob smacked by the quality of writing in some blogs I have all manner of disconnected lines running round my brain - when I read this post the words "Most men live lives of quiet desparation" came to mind and the poetry of Dylan Thomas about the death of his father "Do not go gentle into that good night" - which allays my fear of death
Sorry - I am usually an idiot but this post has really got me moving - I am at the low point of the night now 0400 (uk time) This has cheered me
mystic mog
ps my home page "Catamongstthepidgeons" does not appear to compute !!

patti digh

Patry - I love the idea of those 2 tattoos! I will if you will... ;-)

Jodee - what a nice note - thank you so much!

Margoudrrl - sometimes we read what we need to read right then, don't we? I like your goal...

Mystic Mog - I'm glad the post made you think and feel cheered - "do not go gentle" is one of my favorites...

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