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July 03, 2006


J. Patrick Greer

My wife and I both work for ourselves and have our own business. She teaches private piano and voice and both of us deal with web clients who also ask us about other technology issue. I think the biggest obstacle for people and in particular adults is they stop playing an experimenting. I know from my own personal experience with technology and in particular computers is I love to play and explore all the ways to do things. I have seen the opposite with those who struggle, for example I have seen more than one customer just freeze in front of a computer screen because they are afraid of what will happen if they do the wrong thing. A couple of my favorite examples of people who found success later in life are Julia Child who didn't really learn how to cook until her late 40's and Thomas Edison who discovered many way of how not to make a light bulb before he stumbled on the one way to do it during his time. He was no spring chicken either. My blog is called Unraveling to Understand and can be found at http://www.spinningsilk.org

I also have a Squidoo lens about the same subject;



We’re all human and therefore we all have fears. Some of us fear death, others fear being alone, and others fear social situations. If you can think of it, there’s someone somewhere that’s afraid of it. But fear is a normal part of life! There are times, though, when fear can hinder us and stop us from enjoying life and experiencing new joys. When your fear starts to limit what you do in life, you need to conquer that fear. I get more inspirational tips lately from www.bestsum.com

Nice post! :-)

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