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July 05, 2006


Dawn Goldberg

I love this post, Phil!!!!! I agree - fail faster because you never know what's going to come at you. If anything, once you fail, that's new information you didn't have before - you now know that you don't like that particular thing, or that wasn't a good way to do it, or that's really not the right place for you.

Or - you actually succeed beyond your wildest dreams. But you'll never know unless you try to fail.

Congratulations to you on taking the shots in your life!!!!!

Tim Draayer

Greap post, Phil. We all need to be reminded that even though we fear failing at the thing, not trying is also a failure.

Phil Gerbyshak

Dawn - You are absolutely right: New information and success often come as the result of a perceived failure. We MUST overcome that and find a way to succeed, instead of worrying about ways we'll fail.

Tim - thanks for your note. Reminders are what keep us on task and ready to take the next shot. Great follow-up article you posted at your website as well!


When LOVE never swich to HATE…and GOD save the world…it will be the END…and the START some where!

Powerfull PHILOSOPHY as a weapon,agains my perception,natural as inocence..and those people who I RESPECT and thrully feel their ART unconnected,their LIFE without a single PURPOSES just material and social apperance are their VERTU.No question about who they are and why…….and NEVER I say to those what I believe.ALL those people piss on me all the time,space and time as my manipulation.Manipulate LIFE as a structural project,LIFE and NATURE are my pay check$RESPECTING people and their lack of perception is are responsability,are JUSTICE.LIFE as a birth…a birth of a date….a date,of your DEATH…an all will fusion with UNIVERSE…shooting star as my,compation…as I know INSPIRATION…as I deeply feel the PAIN…never I will JUGE my peers…but I will know silently.I am the GOd of my brain it is OK to annalyse with respect.when your fear ,become a balance…the load of your JUSTICE,dilema…the mass of your JUSTICE,decision…all this just for simply,understand….the PAIN of Human Being.BE a GENIUS it is the PAINFULL way to live a life.no one whant to be in my BRAIN.but I know so much it stimulate me and feed my knowlege.without pretention as also bipolar1 I will NEVER exchange my BRAIN for an empty one.PHIL who face his FEAR.taking the time to look arround

Self Publishing

Great post, Phil. We all need to be reminded that even though we fear failing at the thing, not trying is also a failure.

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