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July 10, 2006


patti digh

Bev - what an inspiring story, and what a cautionary tale. The part that sticks in my mind is your comment about using the statement, "If only I could have gone to school for Veterinary Medicine" as an excuse in your life - I recognize myself in that; thanks for voicing what I couldn't put words to. (And having taught in university, I can vouch for the fact that professors love older students who want to be there!) Congratulations on following your star and thanks for writing about it!

linnea l

I am very encouraged by your story. I just turned 56 and attended an orientation at the local vet tech program today. Seeing all the young faces, I had to wonder if I wasn't fooling myself. Your story gave me courage. I asked myself, "What if I were in my 80's looking back on my life, would I be glad I took on the challenge? The answer was an overwhelming "Yes!" I want my adventure; thank you for sharing your's.

A Rosales

I was just looking for a something on Claude Bristol, and guess what I found your BLOG.

I'm 31 and a thought its eating my mind constantly, and its about studying a career overseas, and I'm always pity my self for had not done that.

What I want to say its that your experience its very motivating, its never to late to fight for your dreams, but the joy or the fulfill should be in the struggle and not the goal it self...i love when you said that while studying your life was even brighter...

Well Thanks..!!

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