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June 11, 2006



When LOVE never swich to HATE…and GOD save the world…it will be the END…and the START some where!

Powerfull PHILOSOPHY as a weapon,agains my perception,natural as inocence..and those people who I RESPECT and thrully feel their ART unconnected,their LIFE without a single PURPOSES just material and social apperance are their VERTU.No question about who they are and why…….and NEVER I say to those what I believe.ALL those people piss on me all the time,space and time as my manipulation.Manipulate LIFE as a structural project,LIFE and NATURE are my pay check$RESPECTING people and their lack of perception is are responsability,are JUSTICE.LIFE as a birth…a birth of a date….a date,of your DEATH…an all will fusion with UNIVERSE…shooting star as my,compation…as I know INSPIRATION…as I deeply feel the PAIN…never I will JUGE my peers…but I will know silently.I am the GOd of my brain it is OK to annalyse with respect.when your fear ,become a balance…the load of your JUSTICE,dilema…the mass of your JUSTICE,decision…all this just for simply,understand….the PAIN of Human Being.BE a GENIUS it is the PAINFULL way to live a life.no one whant to be in my BRAIN.but I know so much it stimulate me and feed my knowlege.without pretention as also bipolar1 I will NEVER exchange my BRAIN for an empty one.PHIL who face his FEAR.taking the time to look arround.............courage and perception are INVINCIBLE characteristic.......

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