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November 01, 2008


Rick L.

That is pretty interesting. Great Stuff.
Thanks a bunch, Rick L.

Johnathan Roof

Very intresting article, Thanks

Organic Grog

Wind energy it totally where it's at!


How about a 'Desaltation Plant'?
If global warming is for real, California will need fresh water to use on farms, homes, and to fight wildfires!


Not enough credit is being given to the high gas prices this past year and it's serious damage on our economy and society. That one factor alone has caused serious stress in both individuals and businesses. A record number of homes and jobs have been lost as a direct result. And, while we are doing the happy dance around the lower prices at the pumps OPEC is announcing cuts to manipulate the prices upward again. We must get on with becoming energy independent.We can't take another year like this past. There is a wonderful new book out about the energy crisis and what it would take for America to become energy independent. It covers every aspect of oil, what it's uses are besides gasoline, our reserves, our depletion of it. Every type of alternative energy is covered and it's potential to replace oil. He even has proposed legislative agenda's that would be necessary to implement these changes along with time frames. This book is profoundly informative and our country needs to become more informed and move forward with becoming energy independent. Green technology would not only provide clean cheap energy it would create millions of badly needed new jobs. The Book is called The Manhattan Project of 2009 Energy Independence NOW. Our politicians all need to read this book. www.themanhattanprojectof2009.com


A very helpful and interesting article. Thanks for citing this.


Please visit our new Green Energy Website at www.go-h2.net inclusive of Solar, Wind, Microbes, and Hydrogen technologies.

Rick L.

Went to the website and it was absolutely amazing. Everyone should check it out. Thanks a bunch, Rick Lanese.

Alternative Energy

Thanks for the informative article.


Wind power is not a solution.
The whole truth about wind turbines is never told by lobbyists and governments.
How could the very weak and extremely unreliable initial energy source of a wind turbine ever produce a steady power of any significance?
Please think!
And read: “Wind energy- the whole truth” at: http://www.windenergy-the-truth.com/
And to show how completely irrelevant wind power is in regard to the worldwide energy and climate crisis visit the following link: http://www.bp.com/iframe.do?categoryId=9024179&contentId=7044895
And play around with the charts you see there (The BP charts regarding energy reserves and energy consumption worldwide over the last 20 to 40 years.) and make some calculations. And if you don´t get confused with the zeros, you will get my point.
The resources now poured into futile, but very ingenious and high-tech windmills, could be far better used for, for example:
1) Burning coal in a cleaner way,
2) Efficiency of energy use in the broadest sense of the word
3) Promoting a drastic change of life style (There are about 6.5 billion people, who all have the right to have some energy to their disposal).
Just 3 ideas.

Busby SEO Test

great and interesting information about the wind farms work thanks.


A couple of months ago I built my own solar panel for about 300.00 dollars, It saving me a fortune. I cant beleve everyone is not doing this. I highly recommend this to anyone thinking of living off the grid or just trying to save money!

Jimmy Vitolo

I would like to know how you built a solar panel? I want to save some money too. Can you please let me know how? Thanks.

Earth4Energy Review

Find out how you can build your own Wind Power now


Tissa G

Hey nice site, my mission is to convert all to wind power.... Save the Planet!


Alternative energy is the future of this world but noone can see it .


I think twice now before commenting on blogs that don’t use Disqus now, not sure it’s worth the time if I can’t easily track response.

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Very interesting post.. Thank you very much..

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this is so cool how this works. if we can get all energy to run on wind this would awesome.

run your car on water

wind power is so cool. this is the future.

raivo pommer.

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Die Sachsen Bank

hat in ihrem ersten Geschäftsjahr Erlöse von 43,1 Millionen Euro erwirtschaftet. Für dieses und die kommenden Jahre plant sie ein jeweils zweistelliges Wachstum bei Erlösen und Volumina. „Die Sachsen Bank ist in Mitteldeutschland angekommen und ich bin überzeugt davon, dass wir unser Potenzial noch lange nicht ausgeschöpft haben“, sagte der Vorstandsvorsitzende Harald R. Pfab am Montag in Leipzig. Die frühere Sächsische Landesbank stand 2007 nach riskanten Geschäften einer Tochter auf dem US-Hypothekenmarkt vor dem Aus und gehört seit einem Jahr zur Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW).

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raivo pommer-www.google.ee
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Das Volumen an toxischen Wertpapieren

in den Bilanzen von Banken und Versicherungen könnte einem Zeitungsbericht zufolge auf 4 Billionen Dollar gewachsen sein. Diese Schätzung werde der Internationale Währungsfonds (IWF) bei seinem nächsten Bericht zur Lage der Weltwirtschaft am 21. April voraussichtlich nennen, berichtet die britische Zeitung „The Times“ (Dienstagausgabe) ohne Angabe von Quellen. Im Januar hatte der IWF den Umfang der „vergifteten“ Papiere in den Vereinigten Staaten auf 2,2 Billionen Dollar veranschlagt.

Diese Schätzung für die Vereinigten Staaten dürfte nun auf 3,1 Billionen Dollar angehoben werden, schreibt die Zeitung. Hinzu komme ein Volumen von rund 900 Milliarden Dollar für inzwischen toxische Wertpapiere, die in Europa und Asien emittiert wurden.

Die Schätzung des IWF zu den toxischen Wertpapieren verheißt nichts Gutes

Derweil gehen die von der amerikanischen Regierung angekündigten „Stresstests“ für die größten amerikanischen Banken laut Medienberichten in ihre heiße Phase. Die Tests sollen die Stabilität der 19 führenden amerikanischen Finanzhäuser für den Fall einer weiteren Verschlechterung der Konjunktur untersuchen. Bankenaufseher wollten sich in dieser Woche treffen, um die Auswertung der Ergebnisse zu diskutieren, berichtete unter anderem das „Wall Street Journal“ unter Berufung auf Insider.

oilfield equipment

this is definitely the future.

run your car on water

i wish we get this technology going alot faster.

tnomeralc web design toys

the technology for this is near

Alternative Energy

Wind Farms are good, but they are only one part of the solution puzzle.

Alternative Energy

Wind Farms are good, but they are only one part of the solution puzzle.

Windmill power

The big question is how long this is going to take, obviously it is the future but how far into the future realistically?

Ben from the
wind generator

Music Careers

I am thankful that I have found this place it is meaningful to me.


nice posting very interesting.....

Power 4 Home

That was a great link. Wind energy is the way forward.

gerry thompson

check this link also, it is where i found my money saver...
wind turbines for homes..



“It’s amazing what people can do to make the world a better place. Though, I have to say, this wouldn’t have had happened if we were more cautious about our environment (debatable as it may be), it’s still nice to know that alternative sources of fuel are being more of a trend.”


This is good because we're able to tackle the problem of global warming and depend on the forces of nature for energy- I think it's the way things are supposed to be. Along with Solar and Hydro energy, I think they're an energy force to be reckoned with. :D

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