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August 01, 2007


Christy Barber

Hey all…I just found this brand new green and sustainable living concept on the market that was invented in Oregon. It’s called the NW Modern from ideabox and the man who created this home was also the brains behind the e-rated appliances, the predecessor to the Department of Energy’s Engery Star Program.

Ideabox is sustainable and green in both building materials and construction. It’s the hippest and most resourceful thing I’ve seen since Bluetooth technology! This energy efficient pre-fab home is wrapped up in a cool, modern design that is actually affordable!

For the environmentally responsible consumer this cabin is cool and sleek. I mean we’re talking living large here in 400 sq. feet of luxury in a clever high end pre-fab home with a very intelligent design.

The research I’ve done shows that ideabox uses environmentally friendly products and construction with wireless technologies. Designed with the idea that you can live large in a small space, ideabox is attracting very posh customers. And hey…less can be more! My family is considering it for a vacation home on some land at the lake or the beach. Another thought I have is putting it on my property for when the kids come home. Once you’re in college, staying right with mom is tough. This way, they can have space but still be “home”.

Here is some more information I found on how environmentally friendly ideabox is…

· Wireless technology because power lines are SO last year.
· Standing seam metal roofing – sustainable and fire retardant
· Fiber-cement siding for low maintenance
· Galvalume corrugated metal siding for an industrial look and efficient construction.
· Bamboo flooring because it’s sleek and renewable
· Energy Star appliances and lighting for the best in energy efficiency
· Marmoleum countertops, made from renewable resources
· Fully insulated walls for maximum energy efficiency
· Energy-efficient ENERGY STAR labeled windows to regulate temperature
· Less than 2% construction waste because materials are ordered to size
· Low volatile organic compound paints for better, healthier indoor air
· Duo-flush toilets for water efficiency
· Day lighting; windows in all exterior walls and interior re-lite strategies
· Tankless water heaters to reduce electricity use

For more information you can visit

Arthur Browning

"The Nobel Prize for the Affordable Electric Car" - read this "Energy Crisis or Political Profiteering?" at


Everybody should learn about electric cars as a solution. It’s amazing how far the technology has come. One of the main electric car companies, Zap, has delivered over 100,000 EV’s. (source: EV’s cost 1 to 3 cents per mile to run, compare that to regular cars!


Everybody should learn about electric cars as a solution. It’s amazing how far the technology has come. One of the main electric car companies, Zap, has delivered over 100,000 EV’s. (source: EV’s cost 1 to 3 cents per mile to run, compare that to regular cars!


Zap makes awesome electric cars and scooters that spare the environment and your wallet! good option for going green

the secret

The second thing you can do to bolster your own attraction is to start saying no to attractive women. Yes, I mean no. Say you are out at the local laundromat and there is a hottie there washing her sexy black lingerie. She asks you for a quarter because she is one short. Tell her no! The after she has quit sputtering, after all, she is used to getting what she wants, give her the quarter and tell her that you changed your mind since she looks so destitute.

myspace design

Interesting post! Thanks for posting this very informative piece!

Barry Bernsten

We can all learn something from what Al Gore had to say the past few weeks. Unless we become self reliant for our energy requirements, we will never again be an independent democratic nation.

We can start with a fundamental change in our driving habits that is now required.

The Automobile Industry is going to be in the same position as the Airline Industry in the next few months. Unless we get away from gas combustion vehicles, including Hybrids, the automobile industry (as we know it) will die.We need to make drastic moves. America needs to move to ELECTRIC. The vehicles are not as fast, not always as fun to drive, but the move will save Americans money (Billions) and help bring change to our automotive companies. Let's "Be Green"!!!!!!!!!!!! BG Automotive Group Ltd. has a car that will travel 80-100 miles per charge for $15,995. Finally a car that most Americans can afford. Did you know that 80% of all drivers, drive less than 50 miles per day? This new car will cost an equivalent of $0.20-0.25 cents/gallon (depending on electricity rates in your area). Why send $700 Billion per year to OPEC (now buying up U.S. companies) when we can use this money for our schools, health care, social security for all Americans, etc, etc, etc. We can make the difference if WE change.


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oilfield equipment

this is such a great read. I would love to have one of these cars.

run your car on water

i am not sure about this car. its a very wierd car.

jason blauser

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Van Leasing

I visited this blog first time and found it very interesting and informative.. Keep up the good work thanks..

electric bicycle

with less than 2% construction waste, and with its fuel efficiency, it is believed that money can be saved, energy can be saved, and consequently the planet can be saved.

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