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June 13, 2007



Great article. It just goes to show that most govenments seem to talk a good talk, however there is a need for them to back it up, now.

My feeling is they should be supporting alternative fuel usage and manufacture by giving a tax incentive.


The problem is that the tax is on the fuel and not the milage. Some states are talking about going that route as hybrids and electric vehicles will become the vehicles of choice when gas prices remain high. Watch people turning their odometers back to avoid taxes.


There's also the notion here that the government shouldn't be taxing individuals for (legally) buying fuels. If they want to tax the use of biofuels, they should tax the distributor or the manufacturer (this is also the more efficient way of taxing). But there is a broader notion here. Generally, the government taxes things that it wants to curtail use of (cigarettes) and offers a subsidy or rebate for things they want to encourage (hybrid car purchases). So taxing an individual (or other entity) for using an alternative fuel would be counterproductive to their alternative fuels initiatives and would warrant some political upheaval.

Power to the People....

Armand rousso

Not an easy task for Government world wide, they are all pushing to have a better eco World but they all would like to keep hi rate tax... Armand Rousso.


Armand Rousso, I am with you, Government is for Green investment but would like to keep hi rate tax !

Ames Tiedeman

I am reading this morning that Bio Fuels create twice the greenhouse gases as Fossil Fuels.

Does anyone have more data on this?


Ames Tiedeman

Look what is on the Moon? Can this be our energy future?

Look at this quote.

When helium-3 combines with deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen) the fusion reaction proceeds at a very high temperature and it can produce awesome amounts of energy.

"Just 25 tonnes of helium, which can be transported on a space shuttle, is enough to provide electricity for the US for one full year."

This is why China wants to go to the moon by 2017. We are going back in 2020. We need to get there faster. We should have a national goal of 2013, 5 years


Government should have tax incentative for using alternative fuel, as long as it doesn't cause as much pottution as fossul fuel does, methenol uses corn, which pollutes as well..their is a good site on fuel

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