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April 12, 2007



first time i have saw such wonderful site.


Greek solar and hydrogen technology developer, Lion Energy, aims to close a funding round of EURO 70.0m (USD
89.5m) by the end of 2007.

KPMG has been appointed to arrange the placement, and the
company is also seeking additional investors, and we offering our shares
with the price 0.45 eurocent. Greek law firm, Kelemenis & Co is acting as legal advisors to the placement.

Lion Energy has an array of technologies which it intends to commercialise
as pilot plants. These include a solar electricity generating system using
low-cost polymer collectors and an electrolyte-based heat to electricity
generation system, a catalyst to facilitate hydrogen production from water,
a solar thermal desalination technology and the manufacture of a low-cost
construction material from waste plastic.

Lion energy will use the BOEING-SPECTROLAB-PYRON Solar Systems generating systems to independently develop its own
utility scale solar farms to produce electricity for sale in Greece and
Middle East. The company will also have exclusive rights to distribution of
Pyron Solar generating systems for projects located in Greece

It's a good time - Greece brought in a new feed-in tariff of EURO 0.46 per
kwh (USD 0.59) on 6 June 2006, for all renewable, and 45% Grand from EU".

The Greek ambition is to have at least 700 MWp installed by 2020. With
currently a total installed power of 6 MWp, the market will have to grow by
more than 40% a year to achieve this goal. The new legislation, combined
with interesting investment incentives, provides financially attractive
opportunities for PV in Greece. The return of investment can even be better
than in Spain

John Dailey

Hey everyone this is my first blog. I just recieved my own free Powercost Monitor from National Grid. I am located in boston and they are providing their customers with free units!

I have always wanted some sort of device to show me how much electricity I was using. It seems there’s now a Canadian company that can sell me what I want: a device to monitor my actual energy usage in dollars and cents and empower me to save $.

“With a PowerCost Monitor you can tell at a glance how much electricity your home is consuming – moment-to-moment and in total. This is the advantage of real-time feedback on your electricity. Why wait for your electricity bill when you can see what you are spending on electricity as you spend it! Tests in Ontario and elsewhere have proven that householders who use real-time feedback can reduce electricity use by as much as five to 20 per cent.”
Best of all, it seems that you don’t even need an electrician to install these units: they strap over top of both electromechanical and electronic meters.

Even better still, National Grid is offering the PowerCost Monitor for free to it’s customers and NStar is offering it at a discounted price

Alternative Fuels

The energy crisis has never been before this much worse. Several talks had been made in the past decade about energy conservation.

Dozens of research had been funded for the development of energy efficient household devices. But no matter how efficient those gadgets are they still consume power. The best solution is self discpline. We must how to limit our usage of appliances and be able to turn off unused lights and other electrical equipments.>Hybrid Cars

John Dailey

I totally agree. But just to note that the PowerCost Monitor uses 2 AA batteries only and it says they should last 6 - 12 months depending on the type used. Which is pretty good.

Malachi Leopold

Very thought-provoking! I’d like to invite you to republish this entry as a posting on the SRI Open Forum. My firm, Marc J. Lane Investment Management, Inc., hosts the online community bulletin board called The SRI Open Forum (just Google the name to find it) which was built as the central location for the free exchange of ideas and experiences around everything related to socially responsible investing, corporate governance, environmental issues, social enterprise, etc. I invite you to visit the site, and feel free to republish this article as a posting. Hope to see you there!

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