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March 01, 2007


Woodlands Traveler

Sounds similar to an article I found elsewhere...
Recent efforts into Hydrogen Fuel research have uncovered an improved method for creating hydrogen gas - the process utilizes microbial fuel cells to produce carbon-neutral hydrogen with *nearly 300% more energy than current procedures.


Biodiesel is currently produced from a number of products, including soy bean oil, cotton seed oil, and yellow grease, among other things. Turning animal fat into Biodiesel is not new, it's just not (yet) being done to any great extent. The low, uneven quality of chicken fat (a factor when being considered as a biofuel stock,) is normally shipped to a few vendors in other states to be used in soaps, as filler in pet foods and a few other consumer products. Chicken Fat Biodiesel

Scepter Marketing Technologies

You can run your car on water! (Actually Hydrogen) I just recently converted my '94 chevy silverado to run on water. It cost me less than $100 for the parts I needed and it went from getting 14mpg to 33mpg. That's double the mileage for less than it cost me to fill up. There is definitely something to this water for gas technology, It works!


The hydorgen biorefinery is out again, but as Verde Reformation. Web site This one sounds like an improvment and has additional technology shown as part of the model offering.

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