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August 05, 2006



I felt compelled to respond to this post as this is a subject I feel very strongly about. I believe the only way we are going to achieve energy independence is by exploring other technology such as solar energy. We need to get educated about this issue!

Alternative Energy

Harnessing the enrgy from the sun is the best alternative and renewable source of energy. The sun is totally and 100% environmentally friendly.

The only drawback to solar paower is the initial investment which is at present is not practical econoomically to many consumers.

If advanced manufacturing techniques are developed to produce cheaper and more effecient solar panels, time will come most houses will be having roofs made of solar panels and that would help a lot in making a better and pollution free world.

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Breitling Watches

Breitling Watches


Nice blog about solar energy facts.

MC Solar Power Marr

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One thing you haven't mentioned is solar power plants in our American Southwest. There are plans to build two types of solar plants there. Solar thermal plants use the sun's heat to boil water and drive a steam generator. Concentrating Photovoltaic use parabolic mirrors or fresnels to intensify sunlight up to 1000 times, focusing the light on special solar cells. Solar thermal power plants use similar mirror systems.
They both concentrate sunlight.

Scientific American has a great article on a proposal which could provide 69% of our electric grid's power form solar by 2050.
1% of our deserts, or less land than now used for coal mining would power the whole country. 1% of the Sahara would power the whole world. Learn more at my blog- Energy Solutions We Can Believe In.
You will see that Americans are being kept in the dark about the potential of solar and wind and other renewables.

portable solar battery charger

I found an awesome portable device that anyone can use when travelling.
Solio charger is a compact portable device, which will power most cellular, smart, pda and mp3 devices on the fly. Some models will even store energy for use at night.

oilfield equipment

i though solar power just disappeared. i have not read an article on solar power in a long time.

Alternative Energy

I think the future relies on wind and solar energy and hopefully within the next few decades, we can be more reliant on renewable energy.

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