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August 29, 2006



great info.



It is hard to believe that Americans live in such uncomfortable houses. In the UK we have a minimum 4 inches of insulation in any roofspace currently under construction.


Great article! I strongly support these energy alternatives to replace the fossil fuels.

Here's something I found from that contains a directory full of useful solar energy tidbits, articles and such that support alternative energy completely:

Solar Energy Directory



Are you looking for solar products to buy? How about an solar attic fan, or solar air heater, or even a skylight. Your new renewable online store is now:

Alternative Energy

Great article, thanks! I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking have some really great stuff!

Charles Lacuna

Precisely correct, compact bulbs are up to 50 times effecient compared to ordinary bulbs. Although you need to spend more in buying these compact bulbs, in long term you will save more.

And also much energy is wasted due to neglect as given in the example about poor room insulation.


Seamus McKenna

It's just occurred to me that the world population explosion could be a bigger threat to fossil fuel depletion and climate change than anything else. Globally we add one billion people every 11 years.

Residential Wind Power

Thanks for the great link. Let's hope there is an increase in the use of wind power.

Tommy Tokar

Wind and solar increase the ROI for many installations we are still new to the Renewable energies stage and l look forward to advancement in production and lowered cost. I look forward to a world where every family generates the amount of power it consumes. I have taken steps personally and professionally to make that happen.

Tommy Tokar
SolarMecca Inc.
214-550-9817 Main
214-550-9817 Ext 704

run your car on water

this is so great.

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