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August 07, 2006



The MAJOR PLAYERS IN THE Electric Power industry has brained washed and wants you to believe the only way to produce electricity are to have massive structures, massive energy consumption and massive environmental problems is why the high cost.
The real reason is their financial invested interest is IN JEOPARTY WITH “No Energy Required Electric Generators”
It is the 21st century; the cost of feeding these massive energy consuming dinosaur ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS, AND ASSOCICATED EPA PROBLEMS can be part of the past. Its time to phase them out.
=== JULY 2001============
”NO Energies Required Electric generator” which can SIGNIFICANTLY reduce electric cost
There will be no environmental problems before, during, and or after in anyway.
No fuels or energy includes coal, oil, gas, nuclear, wind, hydro, water, solar etc to generate electric
No environmental pollutions of any type to air, water, ground and or global warming since no fuels or energy is involved.
No massive construction sites or associated special structures.
No Energy Electric Generation eliminates all the phase of the fuel and energy factors in producing electric. This includes massive mining, refining, processing, and transporting to the power plants.
No fuels require no massive processing of environmental problems.
The electric generator can be built anywhere there is solid ground a truck can go
Basic 240 MW NER Electric Power Plant can be completed in 20 months. No two or more years to obtain EPA permits and or up to four years to build.
NER Electric Power Plants are self sustained and can be built anywhere since there are no environmental problems and or no massive construction site.
Since there are, no fuels or energies required there is no type of supply connections i.e. under or above ground piping, rivers, winds, solar, etc.
A 120 MW electric power plant for enough electric for 43,000 homes can be built on a site the size of a football field.
NER ESTIMATED 2006 construction cost DATA ($400,000 per MW)
500 MW plant 24 months to build
A 480 MW plant 150’ x 650’ 2 1/2 acres
NER ELECTRIC GENERATING power plants built within a community as required close to the demand and power grids, reducing the loss of electric power over long distance.
The generators are design to be on line within 7 minute during peak hours

Just imagine what you could purchase with 75% of your electric bill and a major massive bonus is no pollution problems.
There is even a possibility since the price is so low that we could have electric heating in place other ENERGIES.

Take care

Art Rau
PHONE 2198651221


is there one availible for single home use. i'd like to be able to produce enough energy to supply a 200 amp panel.

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