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August 11, 2006


Euan Blauvelt

Using biomass does not add to global warming. Plants use and store carbon dioxide (CO2) when they grow.
This is then released when the plant material is burned. As they grow, other plants then use the CO2 which
has been released. As plant life stores carbon it is a form of “carbon sequestration”. Carbon is converted
from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and stored in carbon “sinks” or forests planted for the purpose. So
using biomass closes this cycle of storing carbon dioxide. The process and implications are examined.
Prominent among these is co-firing of biomass with fossil fuels in power generation, to reduce carbon
emissions. This already receiving a large boost in the EU following the LCPD (Large Combustion Plant

anni n crissie

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anni n crissie

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Alternative energy is a great solution for the oil problem and global warming, as long as the alternate energy is clean, like wind power, solar power, hydro power, electric, biofuels, etc.

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