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May 10, 2006


Joao Soares

Nice tips.
Please see my complete dossier No Nuke in my blog, full of educational resources and links.

Brad Munson

THIS is what I need: practical information on solutions as much as insight into the problem. (Both is even better.) My first visit to the site, but certainly not my last. Thanks!

Brad Munson

Energy conservation

Check out this introduction article on Energy conservation:
1.Some easy ways to save
2.Energy Saving Tips
*2.1 Water Heater
*2.2 Clothes Dryer
*2.3 Cooking
*2.4 Heating


Following the maxim, that a penny saved is a penny earned - Here is our list of energy saving tips (for your car & home)



This is such a great site. Please keep posting!


I just used this service and recieved a big discount on my last electric bill. Their website is a little hard to navigate, but well worth the effort.
Thank you Deregulation!!!!


some secrets become open and transparent, these are the common stories of the people by which they entertain themselves.

Some are so well orchestrated that they become the greatest stories of all time.

Some are even held in secrecy for centuries only to resurface as scandals, controversies, and great masquerades of conspiracy...

and yet, other things, are so sacred to the infrastructure of civilization, that you never hear about them-- in fact, someone never would suspect they would even be an issue...and even to claim them, is to be ludicrous.


How about using something like these LED bulbs for reading and small task lighting. They use 1.5 to 4 watts of power and are supposed to last 50,000 hours or more. Thus saving on replacement bulbs and landfill space.

Prem Prakash Rose

i would like to convert a petrol car to eletric can anyone help?


Excellent tips! It goes to show that not that much has changed in the past two years! For more great tips on saving the earth and some cash go here

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