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May 04, 2006



Hydrogen is produced everyday, in several places across the nation. Significant supplies of hydrogen is available right now. The problem people have is that they never think to look in places other than gas stations run by OIL COMPANIES. Of course they want you to think there's no hydrogen to be had in the US. You are all being lied to. As it stands, hydrogen engines running in moderate climates use roughly four gallons to travel 200 miles. Suffice it to say, that's manageable. When US manufactures are pushed to submission with dismal sales figures, they will have no choice but to release cars that people will actually buy. Hydrogen is available today, it's a great option for those people in moderate climates, and it's something I wish I could use in a car. I just have to wait for them to get off their butts and actually provide them.

Do Mo SAn

Here is how it works:

The oil and auto industry consider the battery industry to be a failed technology that can never be made or delivered in the form factor, price point, range or efficiency that they care about. (It doesn't matter, for this argument, what YOU think.) So they got together and used "layered anti-evangelism" to manipulate the battery industry.

"Layered anti-evangelism" is an intelligence agency third world manipulation device that works like this:

1. Select the target: In this case it is hydrogen fuel cells, which have been demonstrated to beat batteries on every business front.
2. Select your internal agents. In this case lobbyists and "writers" that are paid by the oil and auto industry.
3. Have the agents contact and talk to the "sheep". In this case the sheep are the writers for battery industry trades and heads of battery lobby or support organizations.
4. Have the agents convince the sheep via skewed data provision. In this case selected reports were written and then shown to the sheep to convince the sheep that hydrogen fuels cells would steal their funding, put them out of business and that the only source of hydrogen was from the "evil oil companies".

So you have battery evangelists who are anti-hydrogen sheep:
Ulf Bossel of the European Fuel Cell Forum
Alec Brooks- EV World
Sam Thurber

Yet for every manipulated argument they come up with, they are shot down by hundreds of sites with facts, ie:

WHY? Because you can make hydrogen at home and the ability to do it fast, cheap and clean is coming 40 times faster than they thought.

This happened, using the same process, to:
1.) Electric light rail in America (US Vs. National City Lines, 334 US 573)
2.) The EV1 (Movie: Who killed the electric car)

Scepter Marketing Technologies

You can run your car on water! (Actually Hydrogen) I just recently converted my '94 chevy silverado to run on water. It cost me less than $100 for the parts I needed and it went from getting 14mpg to 33mpg. That's double the mileage for less than it cost me to fill up. There is definitely something to this water for gas technology, It works!


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