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September 02, 2005



I just saw this TV show, Coolfuel Roadtrip, where they used geothermal to travel through Northern California. Seems like a cool show. Next week it's something about biodiesel. Glad someone is finally putting this kind of stuff on TV - maybe more people will start investing in different vehicles and fuels.


Important Blog.
Greetings from Portugal


--Iranian president said he wanted to get Israel "off the map" ---more problems now in middle east...the news article calls iran to be breaking UN resolutions---I don't know about you ---but it's pretty damm obvious Israel is being held up to a double standard. The jews control everything--most especially the media--jews are good, jews are good--arabs bad---that's all you get from the media.

Israel has broken more UN resolutions than any middle eastern country---yet no sanctions or any counter-reaction has ensued from anybody---Israel has US tied around its finger---because jews have so much power in the US--I am not saying they are bad people---but this could be the reason we end up having such a war all over the middle east---if Iran goes and starts annoying Israel---you can be sure the US will defend ---and if this happens---there could be a counter-reaction toward jews in general---this could spell disaster for global relations and so on.

Middle east just go a notch uglier---remmember---I don't beleive in God, but for those that do, the christian bible says the beginning of the end will start in the middle east. There could be a counter-reaction toward jews and arabs alike for so many problems they have caused around the world---this could destroy the stability we have enjoyed up till now---if Iran has nukes--you can bet they won't think twice about handing one to a terrorist to eliminate Israel---that would be devastating for the world economy.


forecast for your fear of thought---I am 99% sure there will be like a "day after tomorrow" episode--again I hated the movie--no its not the end of the world--but hey it will suck

I don't think the ice age shift will happen this winter because although a lot of melting has occurred--it will sink because it will be colder during the winter--reasoning leads it to happen during next summer---then the gulf stream will shut down--because all the melted water will not be dense enough because of the heat + fresh water---however, we are already and will continue to feel the effects of a major shift now--more hurricanes and so on as we have seen--

all this fucked up weather is just a precursor---it's the "stabalizing period" ---we are going through it---but the ice age shift won't happen this winter---the gulf stream wil shut down this summer (or within 5 year period) and then that immidiet winter after the gulf stream shuts down you will have your eternal frosty winter--it may even happen now--who knows.

Scotty Pippen

Geothermal energy is bad anyway that's what I have to say for my teacher Mr.Medley!!!

This shit is hard!!!

run your car on water

this type of energy is not good at all.

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