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August 16, 2005



I also read about this. Did you find any specifics about how the wind was generated? Was it simply from passing cars (i.e. does this potentially work on any large highway) or is it the results of passing cars combined with some natural wind tunnel creating terrain or building features? It seemed a bit ambiguous to me.

Sounds interesting though. I can envision a string of small turbines in the medians of major highways across North America. Sounds like someone would have had this idea before though if it was really practical. My initial concern would be that the turbulence would be VERY high due to the wind suddenly kicking up after each car/truck passed and then going down for a bit. Wind turbines dont last anywhere near as long in high turbulence areas (that's one of the reasons they are set up 30 meters or higher above turbulence-creating surface features/buildings).

Jesse Jenkins aka WattHead (

Steve Spence

Those wind generators will cause additional drag on the vehicles, causing additional fuel consumption.

sticker guy

Someone needs to make a bunch of bumper stickers, "Support Al Qaeda. Buy more gas to help finance terrorism" and find good places to put them


* not to suck them in----sorry

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