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August 15, 2005



"It's going to be profit driven efforts like this in the private sector that will be the driving force behind finding a viable alternative energy future."

I agree wholeheartedly. If we are really going to see an alternative energy revolution (and I think we will) we are going to need the force of the all-mighty-dollar behind us. These alt-energy ventures are going to have to

a) make money for thier producers
b) be affordably priced for their consumers - most notably they will have to have sufficiently short payback times (i.e. under 5 years, hopefully more like 2-3) for average consumers to shell out the dough for them in large numbers.

With the economics on our side, we may just be able to overcome the lack of initiative and willpower in our (that is the US) legislature.

Jesse Jenkins aka WattHead


I wonder if he is involved in this competition?
Solar Energy-Saving Competition

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Seamus McKenna

It's just occurred to me that the world population explosion could be a bigger threat to fossil fuel depletion and climate change than anything else. Globally we add one billion people every 11 years.


a prototype Solar chimney in TÜRKEY. it's capacity 1,5 KW. diemensions; height: 15m, collector diameter:16m, chimney diameter:1,2m

for more info...

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