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August 23, 2005


ron miller

I just recently purchased some stock from a company that turns cow poop into methane gas, great idea yes. Now we need to have our elected offficals turns some of their pork spending into gas. Our senators and reps seldom talk about conservation.
We need to spend money on wind power, nuclear, biofuels and mass transportation in order to wean ourselves of the Saudia nipple.
Trouble is that the minute they get elected to congress their first concern is getting reelected,consequently they seldom
opt for the best solution, instead they choose what will help their reelection. If that means pork for their state, or being politically
corrct in order not to offend that the path they take. Solution only one term then out!!!! Maybe then the focus would be on what is best for all the country instead of the ir corner of the world.


god---wherever I keep on looking I see disaster---this is really annoying for me.

However, the point is the following:

-has anybody read the "end of history and the last man by fukuyama"? (this does relate to this blog)---this will really open your eyes into how the core animalistic human mechanism operates:

It is basically this: developement in human history has evolved not from the need of water, or food, or so on, but for pride and "recognition"---

everything in life, is about "recognition" and either public humiliation, shame, pride, or anger---and these are the prime motivators that run society--the basic premise is that all throughout history there has been a battle between Master and Slave----the Master is the guy that wins either physically or verbally and gets public "recognition"---the slave is the one that gets public "humiliation"----it comes from a sense of self-worth and a desire for others to imbue with that self-worth---when someone slights you or disrespects---you feel ANGER---when someone imbues you with respect---you feel PRIDE--and some other that I forgot.

his basic conclusion is that democracy is the "end of history" because man does not struggle anymore--and his prime motivator vanishes---leaving a conformist little whimp---which could be embodied in the "politician" of today. "The last Man" is the last guy that fights against his master in this degenerate world (his view) for recognition.

I think his last conclusion is a bunch of bullshit---but I agree with the arguement---However, I think that there is a greater fight nowadays than in the times of slaves and master (monarchy, tyrranny, authoratarian goverments--monkey hits over head and becomes leader goverment): and it is because of this:

back in those era your place in society was set---you were either the slave---or the master--now it is fuzzy--not distinct--confussing--which makes people have to constantly proove themselves in a social context--which gives rise to the term of our "high stress society"--because we are constantly winning or loosing battles--winning recognition or "loosing face --humilation" --

This causes for an actual increase in pace and change for recognition

but I agree with him that democracy has made politicians not really seek the best for the people--but seek the best for their own "recognition" or pride-consecuently becoming a race of whimps--and we have known many ups and downs that have humiliated and prided politicians---(clinton doing a good job in office but being caught with his pants down with monica lewinsky)--

Therefore--it becomes a society of conformism where it's for the best of the individual and not necessarily for the whole--where classes are fuzzy--and there is prevalent confusion- a constant prooving and fighting unfolds to define the "masters" and the "slaves"---as a eastern leader recently said "western style democracy is like a blind alley"--this I agree with--because in all this proving by politicians for recognition--basically what you get is an erratic agenda for the country over time---

the thing that has held up this country is not democracy----but an educated majority, checks and balances (institutions) and a capitalist economy.

This is why if we are ever to have any result in our renewable energy agenda---the only way politicians would react--is if there was major pressure on them to do otherwise---only if oil skyrockets to 100$ or major catastrophies ensue.


I beleive that we are on the verge of a real version of "a day after tomorrow" without all the corny rehtoric and at a slower pace---

I think there will be a global climate shift this century--like in my lifetime or yours--with something similar to mentioned above--not only random animals becoming extinct (by the way 37% of species will become extinct by year 2050)--this comes only a little after I said that the world will become a horrible hellhole due to overpopulation and energy demand combination--probably collapsing the entire global economy in as little as 20 years.

Well--add that bullshit to an ice age shift this century--

look at the site

and the evdicence concerning climate change (I don't care if it was man-made--it has already begun and will play out it's dominoe effect despite anything we do from now on--we are screwed anyway--don't worry about it--there is nothing you can do) there is so much evidence--

TIME's most recent study and German scientists' climate model of the website above shows one conclusive thing: the earth is warming, the ice caps are melting more rapidly than ever (recent 10,000 years perhaps) and things climate wise ARE going to get worse.

Both the glaciers in Patagonia (the life supply of the atlantic that supplies heat to europe and america)and the north pole are melting really really fast--and the less ice--the faster it melts--in other words, you get an iteration or an exponetial curve of this---some scientists say that if the "conditions are right" all of the ice in the north pole "will dissappear"--global seas will rise by 50 cm and horrible other crap --like pests

now--I don't think that this will happen (the ice caps dissapearing)--and this is because of the following--there have been mammals defrosted in the north pole and in siberia that have been in the ice for millions upon millions of years---

Now--If global warming (melting of entire ice cap) of such predicted by scientists had happened in the past---we would have no evidence of such mammals in the ice--because they would have sunk in the water and rotted--what must have happened then?

Now--I am not arrogant enough to presume that humans are so incredible and signficiant that we are the ones that initiated the FIRST GLOBAL WARMING on planet Earth in 4 BILLION years---volcanoes did the same and were the first form of "pollution" many years back--

what is the logical conclusion? the logical conclusion is the "DAY AFTER TOMORROW" one--there will be an ice age after this warming---it is like a chemical reaction--and the things defrosted will refrost--maybe it could melt all and then freeze--but I highly doubt it--and here is why--you push something too much one way---it will balance itself out---the earth will not keep heating until it becomes another sun---NO--it will refreeze again. Before all the ice is gone in the north pole--there will be a shift---otherwise what reason would there be for a "counter reaction"---when you push something--it doesn't take 20 minutes after you pushed it to budge now does it?

--no-This melting of the arctic and patagonia is NOT NORMAL ---it has not been seen for centuries--such warming is unprescendented--

I think that the more hurricanes were caused by both the natural cycle of "increased hurricanes period" AND warmer oceans---hurricanes have also increased but also in intensity---even more than then period in the 1930's when there was another "increased hurricane period"--

so I think that one of the currents --as predicted in the "DAY AFTER TOMORROW" model--will reverse or ceaze to exist once there is too much of the ice cap melting and decreasing the amount of salt per cubic meter of water---this will cause the atlantic current to shut down from patagonia (which is the lifeline if heat to our hemisphere) and spur another ice age---

my prediction---this will happen before the entire ice cap melts---and since scientists have predicted 60 years...

I say it is a good bet that in 30 years or less--you could start feeling the effects of an ice age shift in real time (we already are feeling it--but not the shift) --maybe even less--who knows--maybe even now--there could be enough crap to shut down the current--

what is the solution for this one?

live under domes, reduce the population--and maybe refreezing the pole? refreezing the pole is not impossible--it would take a large sheet to seperate it from the main body of water and then we could cool ---yea, that would not work--

yea, just live under domes and reduce the population---

however based on my previous article and premise--I beleive that politicans (in democracy) will not react until major shit happens and therefore be too late---therefore I think nature will reduce the population naturally and the domes won't be constructed until after the fact

grim outlook eh?


Four Horsemen from the bible--I am not a very religious person (America is divided strictly into ATHEISTS/ and catholic extremisim) but I think I will use a little of the catholic extrmists rhetoric---because the people that wrote had some good allusions:

the first thing is ---energy demand will outleash the "4 horsemen"---with less energy, we will not be able to support our population, which will increase all the other fowls of the world: pestilence, poverty, war over resources, pests, deseases.

I think an increase in pests will occur because of the climate shift mentioned before the ice age--either the ice age or the pests will ravage the crops---which will highten demand in energy, which will make for pestilence, poverty etc, etc. In the vicious circle of the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"--which will lower the human global population by many factors.

Some time ago--I wrote about mesopotamia on this blog--mesopotamia probably went through something similar--it used to be in a lavish fertile area--and according to the evidence in the bible "pestilences and droughts" destroyed mesopotamia--their source of energy at the time (food) was destroyed---civilization depends heavily on settled agricutlure and surplus for specialization (not everyone is a farmer)--therefore--when this surplus was no longer sustainable--and the amount of food resources could not support the population--what happened? the population decreased--and the specialists disappeared--everyone scattered and became nomad hunters and gatheres..and the civilized city that once was mesopotamia fell into ruin and then consecuently--because of it's efficiency--disappeared off the face of the earth--just as roads and concrete will be destroyed by roots of trees in the future and become a desolate landscape--

what is mesopotamia geographically now? it is a desert--surprise surprise. What once was fertile, is now a desert landscape---and mind you, in recent years fertile land has spurred along the tigris river (birth of human civilization in mesopotamia)---notice a pattern here?

well, suffice to say, the Four Horsemen Of the Apocalypse as related is pretty accurate---these forces of pestilence, war, poverty and so on--will all come from an increased energy demand and a global climate shift--

I do think human beings will survive--but I do think we will have a major set back--In the process I think we will either revert to total anarchy or to stronger authoritarian goverments simply because such will be needed with such lack of control, chaos, and panic in order to survive.

the only solutions I can think of, are reduce pop and build domes around major cities---there are many inexpensive material which can shield cities from temperature or storms--we can shield from rising oceans with levies---that is the general perspective---however, I think that it will really be every man for himself--and therefore such organized structures will not be accomplished unless in an authoritarian state such as in China.

jesus, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse--I realize I sound like I am preaching, but it just seems that all the signs are there---I was trying to give an informative statement of what I officially think

in other words, I did not reach my conclusion before I started gathering evidence, but rather, I reached the conclusion through evidence---I in fact, once thought that nanotechnology and derivatives would pull the USA out of oil demand trouble--now I see that differently--and recently I have put this and climate change together with all the effects from these ---war over resources, pests from warming, arable land dwindling due to cold or pests---and just basically put 2 and 2 together.

It just came out as a very grim outlook--now that I think about it--this century does not look fabulous in any way.


it is interesting (strictly poetically obvcourse) to think that our reason for greatness (energy supply--without oil nothing resembling what happened in the 20th century would have happened) could also be the reason leading to our ultimate fall--(oil could cause both oil demand just because of the snow ball effect of the greedy empire building machine--and climate change)

I am not proposing that our C02 emissions caused the global warming---I think it was a natural process--but it may be that it accelerated it---and the fall and greatness anology is interesting to look at poetically because what caused our greatness and arrogance, will also cause our fall and humiliation.

to become in harmony with the planet we must become more efficient--inefficient lifeforms go extinct---our way of life will go extinct, but we won't-- we will eventualyl become efficient---

only through efficiency can we really explore the boundaries of our ascendancy as a biological race. Evolution is about becoming more efficient at purpose...we simply must evolve--and we shall.

The only downside is that my life is probably going to suck, but maybe it will give it some meaning, and I will be just as happy as I once was in the industrialized era of gynormous inefficiency when we were going in a race car at a thousand miles per hour not even noticing there was a wall straight ahead--and a constant bantering of pride in democracy to give us some meaning and purpose as individuals..

Fight club anybody? Most of it was stupid--but the core idea is not--we will get meaning from our humaness just as Oedipus Rex gained greatness from his fall.

I don't know whether I will survive (if such catastrophies as I describe occur) , but that's what makes it exciting---I will no longer be a conforming little whimp sitting infront of a television screen gawking at the images of catastrophes that we all know we see and become so "appalled" it is ironic that such reports are the ones that get the most viewers---

I leave you with these thoughts..




I don't want to be negative--there is a probability we will survive, and do very very well--but there are two forces at play:

the convergence of technologies into an exponential evolutionary leap unprescedented in the history of our species (solving oil and dealing with climate change and much more)

or the innefficiency of our system will mean our ultimate destruction as a global civilization for this century and probably for the rest of the millenium.

who wins, time can only tell. It's not like I can forsee the future.


wtf, I cannot even pretend to read that


t, I think your like talking to yourself man.

No one wants to hear about the "armageddon" bolony, this is a RENEWABE ENERGY BLOG t.

What are you doing t?

common t, your lonely and have no friends
tiberianfallout as an email? where did you get that name? let me guess, tiberian sun?

you just have nothing to do then play video games--you have no life and then come here posting about ARMAGEDDON yo. wtf?

why don't you just leave or something. I guess I can see why you think is ending I guess. I feel bad for your--


evidence that ice age is near:


there will so be an ice age:,8599,1111569,00.html?cnn=yes



Well I'm not really old enough to say but with all of the global warming and everything by the year 2100 there will be about 16,252,170,264 people living or more.Since we increase 100 million each year.And population in the US may increase in the middle states because up Northeast might be flooded out!

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