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July 01, 2005


Butch Begy

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I am in interested in pursuing a Masters (MSc)
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Idy Ukoh

I am in interested in pursuing a Masters (MSc)
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Could you kindly give me information about graduate academic programs(MSc) in renewable/ ALTERNATIVE energy applications with emphasis on sponsored programs and scholarships
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Finnally, and so the world went from decisions of the mobs and emotions into the hands of technicians and quantitative analysis...

from there a clear solution to energy problems will arise..even though it may not have been popular with the people..

you see since there are so many different mindsets and the average person is an idiot, to give power to this idiot to decide the course of history is not the answer.

but since the world IS full of idiots and IS full of different mindsets, the only way is to bicker incessantly on matters that do not really have any pertinance to the problems at hand...

if everybody was a technician and intelligent, things would be quite different. But they are not so, but to give power to the few technicians and intelligent people that do exist, would only cause protest from the majority of idiots, never accepting the authority and would seem that humanity were doomed.

But only when such a faction, a benevolent group of intelligent individuals, that shows by example, how a system can work with such a group taking power, only then will the idiot realize...

but you would have to prove it to the idiot---

this is the essence of politics, and since the majority of people are stupid, politics in a democracy caters to the stupid-minded....because otherwise, how would leaders get elected, if it did not satisfy the whims of the idiot?

Therefore, if an intelligent faction were to attain power and not necessarily elected, the only way they would maintain power would be to proove to the idiot that their prowess can solve problems...much better than the current system...

if they succeed, only then will the idiot realize, that he is only an idiot, and should not run the course of history.

I do not think I am erudite or anything. I just wrote this in kind of a whimsical, prophetic manner out of impulse because of the emotional stimulai from music I am hearing.

I do not seek respect or adulation for writting as I did above. I am writting it quite fast and the verbose language came more out of random thought process than a determined goal to impress the reader. Wow, shit, I never knew I had that personality. Screw it man, I'm too fucked to even begin to explain.

-your everlasting friend in the annals of time.


O, and if the technicians get out of hand, no worries, we put the security forces on them. The security forces would always be elected. Therefore, if the technicians get out hand, we can always teach them a few lessons with the popular jocks. Checks and balances. But whatever, we can also have a representative goverment, no worries on that front. It can be put online or something, leaders could be monitored I guess, Big brother reversed---retro-fitted big brother. And people would be located with chips, no human would have access to such records, computers would analyze patterns for threats, kind of like the software google uses now, and if someone is red flagged---they are abducted put in a computer generated dream world to make them beleive they are free, and from such simulation the neural network can determine whether he might do a crime again, or if he will not. According to his neural and emotinal frequency, a probability matrix would determine whether he was a threat to society, and he would then be sent to live on an enclosed island if found guilty and likely to perform crime again. The dream world could be generated with current technics and no-side effect drives in combination with hypnosis and a panoramic screen---the user then beleives he is immerssed in a world, and decisions evaluated quantitatively.

Since law will inevitably change and decide that since it is impossible to determine whether some is guilty or innocent, it can only do the most educated guess, and evaluate the person's likelyhood of doing a crime in simulation and analysis of evidence at hand, the cost of jail and his likelihood of posing a danger to society in the future. According to these variables, a decision would be made to whether put the person on a "caged off island from civilization" or in prison, where no one can escape...this island will inevitably be filled with other criminals that will kill each other to absolve ourselves of the responsiblity of actually killing someone that would be innocent, because such an 100% assertion is impossible. Prisons and costs would be taken into account, if the person is a high threat level, the authorities will decide not to encur costs on the society which would paying for the jails, to support a criminal that has not given anything to society and taken away from it. So why should society serve the criminal? The criminal must be happier in a place where people his likeminded exist, say, an offshore large island such as Cuba and fenced off by a huge wall....All of the prisoners would be tagged with security devices and they would be Big brothered.

And so on and so on. So you see, the moral dillemmas of a security system such as this are a lot less than an arbitrary decision by a court for example in our current system. This is only natural and will most likely come to pass once shit hits the fan and liberal america seeks more security.

You could chip citizens as well, and data would be analyzed with computers, if patterns deemed "harmful" then the person is actuyally put under "big brother" surveillance by human watchers, if found not be a threat, the investigation ceazes, if not, the police question him and determine his criminal network for lockdown.

For example, computers would analyze chips of people who congregate in droves in apartments for example. Then determine whether they have the same ethnicity for example...then whether any of them have a criminal history, or whether they are immigrants from a country at war with the US or against its policies, etc. All of this is processsed by a computer, if they are just students from abroad, or just people who celebrate the "muslim culture" in a community forum for example, the computer will analyze the likelihood of threat and not think anything of it, but if things pile up...then those people are red flagged and locked down...

investigation? torture? not at all, they just put you in a simulation and study your mind, psychologists, technicians, and see your views---through hypnosis and no-side effect drugs with screens and computers, which can cause hypnosis, a generatd dream world makes the technicians analyse the person's reactions and likelihood of doign a crime etc, then processed for a threat for example.

There could also be a comittee that questioned whether the "opening of minds" was justified...they would the require the information from the security terminal, which would then be interpreted in computer code to reveal the same threat level as the authorities computer. Fraud would be tested through the routers, and technicians would be assdigned to detect discrepancies in the system, to see if such facts were corroborated, but since such data can only be seen by computers, the data could not jeaperdized, the only thing humans see is the type of threat level probability deemed by the computer. Only the specific computer code adjusted constantly by a neural network, that would constantly change the code and only be understood by the network of computers, be able to understand the code.

Therefore, information would be held private---only when "opening the midn" will such concerns fall into place.

That is why such communities such as the "anti-opening minds" community would check the data and see that the threat level was indeed what the computer predicted by having access to it. Everybody could access the threat level.

You see, things can be more sophisticated, and checks and balances, you can have a meritocratic and a representative goverment with tough security measures at the same time that would be associated with a totalitarian goverment, yet still have all the freedom we have now.

The nerds get out of hand? we send the security forces to put them in check.

Benjamin Turner

I have a site about ethanol, biodiesel and other biofuels at


erm just asking. by using photomultiplier, can it helps in the additional production of energy in solar panels?


Hi all!

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Harry Markopolos, a former investment manager who warned U.S. regulators about Bernard Madoff, criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission and said on Wednesday that Madoff had help in running his alleged $50 billion fraud.

Markopolos told Congress that the SEC staff was neither willing nor able to uncover what Madoff, accused of having run the world's biggest Ponzi scheme, was really doing. He also said that he knows the names of a dozen other so-called feeder funds that helped Madoff raise money from pension funds and wealthy investors and that he would turn these over to regulators this week.

Calling SEC staff "too slow, too young and too undereducated," Markopolos said regulators "did not understand the red flags and could not do the math."

"They looked at the size of Madoff and said he's a big firm and we don't attack big firms," Markopolos said about U.S. regulators.

Madoff, a former chairman of the Nasdaq stock market, has been accused of running a massive Ponzi scheme in which he paid of earlier investors with money from later investors.

The failure of the SEC to detect the massive scandal was examined at a U.S. House Financial Services subcommittee hearing on Wednesday. The panel is gathering information before it launches a broad reform of U.S. financial regulations.

At the hearing, Markopolos described his probe of Madoff and attempts to share information with SEC officials. As early as May 2000, Markopolos said, he provided the SEC's Boston office with evidence that he said should have triggered an agency investigation of Madoff.

Over the subsequent years, Markopolos said he resubmitted the evidence to the agency, but to no avail.

"I gift-wrapped and delivered the largest Ponzi scheme to them," said Markopolos, who is now working as a fraud examiner.

Markopolos said the SEC's enforcement division lacks experienced financial experts and is hindered by lawyers who do not understand red flags. Markopolos also highlighted turf battles between the SEC's Boston and New York regional offices and said the agency was captive to industry.

"There are no incentives for the SEC to find fraud," he said.

Markopolos and Madoff were Wall Street competitors when Markopolos was the former chief investment officer of Rampart Investment Management. Markopolos began looking closely at Madoff in 1996 after his boss at Rampart asked him to figure out how to match the returns of Madoff's firm. Markopolos said his analysis convinced him it was impossible for Madoff to consistently outperform the markets.

Markopolos had harsh words for some SEC employees, such as Meaghan Cheung, the agency's New York branch chief whom he had contacted in November 2007. Cheung, Markopolos said, never grasped the concepts in his report or asked him any questions.

"Her arrogance was highly unprofessional, given my understanding of her responsibility and mandate," Markopolos told the Congressional panel, which held the hearing as it considers broad financial regulatory reforms. Cheung left the SEC in fall of 2008.


The subcommittee's chairman Paul Kanjorski, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, said he was going to introduce legislation that would give audit watchdog the PCAOB the authority to examine auditors of broker-dealers.

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Top SEC officials told the panel that the agency was considering a number of changes in light of the Madoff case, including how frequently investment advisers are examined. The SEC is now able to examine only about 10 percent of all registered advisers every three years, as advisers far outnumber the agency's examination staff.

Other issues the SEC is examining include unregistered advisers and funds, the outdated regulatory system for brokers and advisers, and the need to strengthen the custody and audit requirements for regulated firms.

Since learning of Madoff's arrest, the industry-funded Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has stepped up its review of the broker-dealer industry. In prepared testimony, interim FINRA Chief Executive Officer Steve Luparello said the broker-dealer watchdog was looking at custody issues in joint broker-dealers and investment advisers as well as reviewing brokers whose registered representatives may have referred clients to Madoff's advisory business.

Markopolos also had harsh words for the broker-dealer watchdog and its predecessor, the NASD. "FINRA is even less competent than the SEC," he said, calling the self-regulator corrupt and beholden to industry.


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US television said the A-list celebrity guests included pop queen Madonna.

Moore, 46, was married to Willis from 1987 to 2000. The couple have three daughters, Rumor, 20, Scout, 17, and Tallulah Belle, 15.

After her marriage to Willis ended she married Kutcher, 31, in 2005.

Meanwhile it has been announced Kutcher is set to star in a new TV series with Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson.
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