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July 07, 2005


Darrell Simpson Sr.

We would like to Introduce, Sip Supply is a Worldwide Supplier of Structural Insulated Panels.
We offer an array of services to help educate and install our panel system.

Offering services to Builders,Contractors, Developers, and Homeowners we can provide you with a turnkey service that includes the total Dry-In Package. We Quote your projects and include the Structural Walls, Structural Roof System's including all LVL's, Interior Framing Package including all Floors and Stair system for rough framing.

Our Polyurethane Foam Panel can be manufactured with Skins of OSB, T-1-11, Stainless Steel or other products that you may need. Our Panel is Wind Rated at 261 MPH with National Code Approval

The panels are Class 1 Type A Fire Rated,with R-42 in a 6 inch panel and R-27 in a 4 1/2 inch and R-52 in a 8 1/2 inch panel.

We would like to ask you to let us bid 1 of your plans to show you what we can do. Structural Insulated Panel Systems Cut your Dry-in time in Half. If your paying Interest it'll also cut that in Half.

Deliver a Energy Efficient Home to you Client Today and Cut there Utilities in Half.
Thank you
Darrell Simpson Sr.
407 629 7356


Actually biofuel can also in our alternative energy that we use it..

Darrell Simpson Sr. CEO

NEWNumber fo SIP SUpply LLC
770 776 6198

Now Offering 3 inch Steel SKIN Panels for Commeical and Industrial ad Military use.

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