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June 27, 2005


Jeremy Lutterloch

How would I go about suggesting an alternative idea of how to generate energy from wind power. I have an idea that could increase the amount of wind power energy available generated globally without using wind as we currently know it. I want to protect my idea but I also know that it is only an idea and may not work at all. To me it is an abundantly obvious opportunity and I am sure that it would change the way we currently look at "Wind Power". My idea is simple but needs R+D to develop it. I am happy to take a small percentage of each kW sold globally.


what about RTG's?

actually--a retro-RTG--RTG stands for Radioisotope thermoelectric generator. They used these for the voyagers. The advantage of this over nuclear fission is you don't need to heat it up in order to gain any energy from it. The radioisotope heats up water naturally because it is radiating energy.

I don't know why they don't use RTGs to power cars or appliances for example---maybe its the nuclear aspect? I don't know, but it sounds like it would work. Furthermore, they have these mechanisms that you can use to produce RTGs, such as fusion. You could produce RTGs with crystal fusion (fusion but you cannot extract any energy from it)--however, you could fuse hydrogen until you get all the way up to radioisotopes (above uranium), then you get your radioisotope and you power a thermelectric generator, which are not that hard to come by.

The fusion process is probably not that hard to do, there are these fusion things...the only thing is how long it would take to produce the radioisotope, from say, hydrogen.

there are probably 100 times heavier, means 100 particles of hydrogen would make 1 particle of radioisotope.

Whatever, if they coulse fuse a million hydrogens every second--I think it would be worthwhile

remmember, once you have a radioisotope, it will power your device or appliance for like 100 years, or 50 or below if its really energetic radioisotope. The voyagers are expected to last like more than 100 years.

I don't really know, but at least it worked for the take it how you will.


Here is the site from wikipedia explaining an RTG.





Jason A. Perkins

I have invented a new type of renewable energy that can turn a generator to produce electricity.This new portable generator can be added to others like it to create a power station that can power cities.This generator runs off it's own energy that doesn't run out.It has no exhaust so there is no pollution and no noise.It is 100% recyclable,can produce electricity anytime,anywhere.It is easy to maintance with quick release parts.This generator can be modified to run electric cars,and electric products.This generator can be sold to everyone on earth,and can help cut back on pollution.It is easily made and can be massed produced,creating jobs everywhere as the product is modified to run other electric products.Those interested in buying my invention or are interested in a partnership,please contact me by phone 1-937-698-4896,or by e-mail for your time.

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