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March 21, 2005



I am so intrested to know more about alternative energy and how I can start this type of a business catering to existing and new residential and commercial buildings (in Qatar).... can you help me out with resources and what type of skills do I have to aquire (to manage) and also the type of people I should employe.


megan kerin

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The deal of evolution vs. creationism is the dumbest arguement ever. This is an attempt by religious commercialism to take advantage of more religious people in the future to sell products.

America is becoming the old country...the old ideas is funny how history is so full of irony. America was the newest coutnry and all full of ideas and new ways of thinking.

Now...just as Europe back has become a place of dogma and set standards in the old ways...republicans...conservatism..creationism and going back to religion.

This will eventually stifle creativity. And when this happens, America's competetive advantage will fall. It will become a place of bickering fanatics and people who do not want to study science or math, and rather go into english or history or religion or economics and fart themselves into boredom and decadence from their ancestors success..

On the other hand, Asia will begin to thrive and grow, and they will study science and math, the middle east fanatics will adapt and change, and have new ideas. And even the forsaken british will adapt and create a new atmosphere and be open to new ways of thinking.

But we have the luxury of staying as we are. And therefore, slowly but surely, we shall fall.

America is too religious...let us become a little bit less religious and go with science. There is more evidence to support evolution than creationism. God may exist, but that does not mean Adam and Eve had to be literal. And deep inside, you know it's true...with your emotions. But, whatever, each his own --- to talk about these matters is to talk to the devil. Let us just teach evolution--yet parents can disclaim it. Otherwise, there will be no hardcore science...and no renewable energy.

Fiona Jiang

Dear Sir,

We are the leading manufacturer of solar equipments in P.R.China. We produce full range of solar products like solar lantern with mobile phone chargers,solar radios,solar torch,solar mobile phone chargers,solar panels,solar home lighting kits,solar batteries,solar charger controllers,inverters etc.

We would like to export our products to your country and wish to know the companies in your country if possible through you.

We would grately appreciate your help for introducing our company to all your members and your friends.

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i think solar energy is a great source for alternative energy.


Hi I've been following new technologies and I was wondering if anyone has seen sherical solar panels on the market yet? There was a Canadian company who was talking about it for some years but nothing came of it. Just wondering... thanks


i would like to know more about the solar markets in china and the price details because am intrested in importing solar products to ethiopia,i would like to have more detaild information based on the export price from china and maintenance trainings e,t,c,,. friendly mickey.


Not sure that this is true) but thanks

Thank you

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The world is going through energy problems. US and other gas- and oil-producing countries must help by looking at other alternatives for easy energy. It will save cost a lot.

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