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March 26, 2005



Well, for us semi-old guys, the problem might be that there have been so many fantastic solar innovations "just around the corner" in the last 30 years. If even one of them had been true, we'd be living in eco-utopia.

I understand that there has been progress, but it has been more slow-and-steady than anything else.

You know what would be a good project? A 30-year price-per-watt graph, with annotation of which (if any) of those past solar innovations produced inflection points.

Denis Du Bois

I saw power plastics at the Power-Gen Renewable Energy Conference a couple of weeks ago. Konarka held a PV cell under their exhibit's spotlights so I could see a connected LED light up. This was with no outdoor light available. Energy Priorities ( is working on an article about solar fiber that will post sometime this week. The concept of solar fabrics open up all sorts of possibilities.


a meteorite will hit Earth the size of japan at 6 am eastern time.


that is, an invisible meteorite.


future forecast:

a little higher oil prices in mid april, june-- past 100 august and october.

then a shift to natural gas and biofuel--then nanotech in 100 more years. Standard of living down first half of century. Conflict between China and USA.


O really..I'm a little kid too with too much time on my hands and I like pornographic agriculture.

Dave Larson

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