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March 28, 2005


Vincent Fernando

I find fault with your argument that windpower is a great choice because it takes more people to generate the same amount of electricity.

By your logic, I could just build giant stone wheels, and have thousands of people push them to generate power. This would surely create more jobs per megawatt than both nuclear and wind power combined.

Joseph Weisenthal

The fallacy exposed by Mr. Fernando gets to the heart of the logical bankruptcy of many of renewable energy's supporters.

The battle for energy should stay focused on the drive to reduce the price-per-killowatt of producing energy, rather than touting inneficiencies as a benefit.

Please Respond sir if you feel differently

Curt Rosengren much as the tone of both of your comments rubs me the wrong way, you've got a good point. Reading it now, the more jobs for less energy point does seem a bit silly (and Vincent, it's not my argument - it's a quote from an article).

Thanks for pointing it out. That's the beauty of blogs, isn't it?


I dont think that reducing the price-per-killowhat is the main goal of clean and renewable energy production. The priority here is to produce clean energy for a sustainable environnement and future generations to come. EFFICIENCY AND PROFIT is NOT the most important thing in life. So what if it costs more money to produce clean energy. We are talking about the survival of life on earth. Dont you get it? And on top of it all, if it creates more jobs, it can only be good(socially speaking).

Joseph Weisenthal

The only way to maximize the use of clean energy is to make it cost-competitive with established forms. In order for it to be adopted en masse, by rich and poor, by Large Corporations and small schoolhouses in the jungle is for it to be an economical choice. Choosing non-economical but clean energy is a luxury right now only the rich can afford--but in developing third-world countries it is simply out-of-reach. Once Solar and Wind (which is getting very close!) become as cheap as oil and coal its popularity will skyrocket and maximize its environmental benefits.

Also, your point that "if it creates more jobs, it can only be good (socially speaking)" rests on a fallacy easily debunked. Read Vincent's stone wheel analogy, or consider the following reductio ad absurdum: Would you wish we returned to a state-of-nature subsistence style of life? One in which everyone was employed %100 perecent of the time in providing for their own survival? Yes, everyone would have jobs, and everyone would have a standard of living of the poorest-of-the-poor today.


bah, humans...


That wind energy requires more jobs than atomic energy was pointed out struck me as funny too. Who does this guy work for? As I also started to wonder exactly what they were calling a job. . . Manufacturing, maintenance, engineering and development(development $$ is something which nuclear energy has required and still requires in spades $$$ --a great deal $$$. I have understood that wind was cheaper than even solar and that solar was cheaper than nuclear because the money proposed U.S. bills in congress for research and development alone exceeded costs per megawatt for installing and using already developed solar. Obviously we don't have all the facts represented here. I would like to know what kind of jobs permanant, temporary and what kind of salaries are we talking about?


Well, does the 100% commitment to renewable energy include Nuclear Power, as some countries inclue Nuclear Energy as renewable and on top of that 40% of Germany's Energy comes from it. I'd like to see them shut so many Power Plants down


Germany is surging in the market because they've offered nationwide incentive. Anyone who installs the expensive solar panels gets the equivalent of 50 cents per KW for any of their energy that goes back to the grid. People have slapped those panels up everywhere overnight. During peak hours of sunlight, many people are at work. I bet there is a lot of power going back to the grid. What a way to get things moving. Think they're too greedy here to do that?

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