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July 01, 2004


allyn r.j. nelson, senior

Have you looked into the inventions of Stanley Meyers or Daniel Dingel. We can cut some oil use now with hydrogen booster kits. Also electric cars could save right now. Please take a good look and these and other websites like (equinox - it runs on water) or (water powered cars) I think what we are looking for is there.


There is a technology involving gravity that can yield anti-gravity and a lot of energy.

Spin a sphere on all axises of motion really fast and then get it to follow a spherical motion you will find the sphere gives off inertial waves and such.

And act like an atom, the harmonic and vibrational motions created can then be used to "confuse" the sphere and make it travel beyond its orbit and then have a self-perpetuated pattern of motion.

you know. I am sick and tired of this crap. fuck this shit.

just take a clue from UFO's and fast spinning discs such as superconductors.

Also plug in "gravitomagnetism" into wikipedia.



ever look at a pencil you not see that light "bends" around a pencil...its the same kind of thing when you put an object in water, the water "envelopes" the feel the "presence" of the object...

in air or in space, its the same thing, but the very essence of the object (inertial wave) makes it don't need it to be inserted in a liquid for the light effect to tell you its there.

The light envelopes an object and travels around it.

just look...

wait till night falls..

and look out a window at a night lamp on a street and put a pencil...

look at an image (object) between the pencil and the light lamp which is generating a "light source"

you will notice the image gets redder as you move you look closer to the pen which is in front of that object.

This is because light bends around an inertial object. This is quantum gravity.



read that---it will be an interesting read. And save me explanation.

Basically, an object that rotates very rapidly, close to the speed of light, can display heavy asymetrical inertial effects, which consequently means in my basic terms, gravity forces.

Imagine that all objects are sorounded by this very delicate transparent and extremely thin material..or call it an energy thing that sorounds an object. whatever...normally, in every-day energy transactions, objects and their blankets are iseperable. However, if you are to accelerate objects with inertia to close to light speeds you can "break" the surface tension of this "blanket" that sorounds these materials.

If you spin a disc really really fast, you can "draw out" this blanket from the disc's edges...

so? well, now replace the image in your head of the blanket, instead of a material that you can envision, into inertia, just a movement, that you can "feel" which for all practial purposes, is a material to your senses.

This "inertia" is "drawn out" from this blanket at the edges of the disc.

Now, normally, this "blanket" is very very close to the object much so its impossible to distinguish, but when an object such as a disc, spins, it can be "drawn out" a comparable distance away from this object.

An object that intersects into the path of this "inertia" is pulled into the rotational motion of the ojbect...

so? well, if you could do this, and accelerate a disc to really fast speeds, which to my mind cannot be impossible because a stationary rotating disc can be controlled and slowly could attract nearby objects by this force--which could in essence, bring upon new machines that use the force of gravity for motion.

now, envision a ball, almost completely submerged, in a swimming pool..the ball is spinning in the swimming is creating whirls around it...this can be an anology to inertia---a small object nearby will spin with it...if the spinning ball stops, it will form a "void" because of the breaking of the "tension" of the sorounding fluid...causing the void to quickly be devoured by fast moving water....

these accelerations and de-accelerations that could be tested on a spinning disc, could, cause a "break" in the "surface tension" of the inertial "blanket" or a more accurate image, is the stuff you see in a fire and the way it distorts the light in the atmosphere---that smoke...that the same distortion you would see, but in inertial waves...or the blanket sorounding these objects...which ..when broken, would create an inertial asymetry in the density of matter itself...making gravity "confused" on the real weight of such object..

imagine a sphere spinning all over a spherical path really really at the speed of lighth...around a you think that gravity might get "confused" about the real "weight of this thing...if it takes up a volume of a real large sphere for all practical purposes (due to its speed) but its really a small speed just moving really fast? do you think reality could not register 'error' just like a computer program?

yes. It is so, and atoms are the smallest computers. Although I don't want to explain that because I want to watch tv.

But there you go. Go to area 51, norad and the mojave desert (especially the mojave desert) NASA, and NASA tower 8 ..

to make them give you the answers. They make the subject ridiculous by dumbing it down with stupid sites all over the internet that make the subject of things like "anti-gravity" ridiculous--selling like "time warps" that make no sense...and thus, making an image of an individual talking about the subject or to taking it seriously, automatically illegitamite... and an insult to his/her intelligence.

This is accomplished sometimes by weaving real science and then selling a ridiculous product...making any talk of that in a cocktail party be of the sort of juncture where someone would reply "o, like the site I saw that said this this and this"

But the truth of the matter is, there is much about "anti-gravity devices" and "gravito-magnetism" and "frame-dragging" that is not crackpot science and is very well-established scientific fact.

In fact, Einstein's last work was on the unification of gravity and gravitomagnetism, which he supposedly never could finish...he also worked with a lot of shady people before he died.

in the late 50's or 60's I can't remmember gravitomagnetism was an established "fact" ---until it dropped out of the papers all of a sudden.

Today, there have been many experiments with superconducting discs that yield "anamolous forces" and gravitational effects that reduce weights of objects by more than 30% ! that are placed above such superconducting discs.

yet, it is concidered crackpot science...There is a disconnet here that does not compute for me.

And furthermore, UFO sightings during this time just make me wonder, were those tests of aircrafts that used such gravito-magnetic technologies?

you can see my claims in two ways: as the ridiculous crackpot conspiracy theories of california which have been pried and repeated over and over again, ridiculoed for decades...

or, because of that very fact, see that it just might be a little bit more sinister than meets the eye.

Whatever.. you decide whatever you want. But I for one, am going to research on gravity experiments more least get a lot more informed on the science.



when I said einstein wanted to merge gravity with gravitomagnetism..

I meant gravity with electromagnetism.

hence, the connection with the superconducting discs (magnetic phenomena with moving matter) and gravitational effects.



I have recently attended psychological therapy and have determined that I have a severe case of delusion. Since then I have resolved my problems and am now attending a decent job. Sorry for rambling senseless gibberish and pompishly stupid nonesense on this blog. I had no life and spent my time by writting on random blogs to pass time while ignoring my life.

anti-gravity is real, but only in the cosmic sense. The conservation of energy principle plainly states that free energy is impossible. Such perpetual motion machines would never work and I got hooked on more than one senseless site. I even bought some of their toys...hey guess what? they don't work! Every C physics student will tell you that...even I knew it. But I sought the subject to make my life interesting I guess. Cuz energy by itself was not, a conspiracy would have to be involved.

Now that I devoted so much time to this blog, probably no body reading it anyway..I still think I owe that to it.

I have had good ideas in the past, but I seriously went bezerk.

Now I am a good job and taking care of america's future in defense laboratories. Hope you all debate our energy needs. We will certainly need an alternative with oil going short in the near future.

Bid you all well and let Americam way triumph and stand strong in the face of adverse gas prices.


Richard E. Foster Sr. Ret'd  P. E.

We burn 4 times the amount of fuel that is needed so waste 3/4ths of the energy & this avoidable heat of us & the Gulf & ocean waters invites toronadoes & hurricanes.Let's use gravity via an activated counterweight properly to block the reaction. Just revise the rates for taxes,prices & royalties etc & use 1/4 as much.

 Orlowski Zygmunt

METOZ will be able to create A NEW KIND OF CLEAN ENERGY.
My idea is very difficult for understanding. It is not difficult for engineer - mechanic, who knows very good the Pascal’s law and even-arm lever.

The entire world is looking for a source of clean energy. I have discovered a certain paradox basing on which a machine called METOZ can be built which by harnessing the gravitation of our EARTH can produce clean energy.
The energy producing process is demonstrated in:
and can be very easily confirmed by an experiment.
I am also in possession of a set of calculations which prove that the METOZ machine:
1/ does not consume water / 39 A5-pictures /;
2/ does not consume compressed air / 39 A5-pictures /;
3/ produces energy to the outside = 4 839 kGm during a „swing cycle” /39 A5-pictures /;
/ this is a „weight cycle” = the centre of gravity of the water in the METOZ machine sinks ( downward movement ) /
4/ energy is produced / released to the outside = 44 600 kGm during the „straightening cycle” / 39 A5-pictures /.
/ this is a “pressure cycle” = the water mass centre of gravity inside the METOZ machine travels upwards (upward movement) /
Features: 1/; 2/; 3/; 4/, of the machine owing to appropriate dimensions of individual elements of the lever mechanism.
The METOZ has an even-arm lever of a 1.72 m length. The centre of gravity of the lever lies beneath the lever suspension point. The METOZ is equipped with two cylinders of a 1.6 m diameter each. Piston sidewalls do not contact directly with cylinder walls. The lever swing changes between 0 and 25 dgr
Figures ( 3 x 13 x 4 = 156 ) present temporary, consecutive action situations at intervals of . The middle figure presents the machine and the side figures the position of the left and right cylinder and the mathematical description of these situations.
In the past I have made two models, which confirmed the legitimacy of my theoretical assumptions concerning the METOZ machine. I have got photographs.
I am looking for a person who would be interested in my invention. I can offer ample information. I look forward to hearing from you.

13 - 03 -2005 Gdynia, Polska Zygmunt Orłowski
P.S. The term “gravitational paradox” use in this description relates to the mathematical and physical description of the action of the METOZ-machine.


Orlowski Zygmunt
Poland 2005
index html
“METOZ” is able to realize the cycle “deflection” and the cycle “straighening.” Both cycles are in accordance with current physic’s laws. “METOZ” as machine can not work and hand over the energy because it would be inconsonant to the law of conservation of energy.
I propose to execute the following intelectual process:
we have found ourselves in the Europe of XVII century. We know the trigonometry in the scope of being occured for “METOZ.” We know what is the even-arm lever and moment of force too. Just appeears Mr. Baise Pascal / 1623–1662/ and he publishes his hydraulics law with adequated experiment. All thinkers are sure that this law is correct and quite real. This time someone invents machine “METOZ”. Now turn up the following questions:
1/ why the implementation of the cycle “deflection” is impossible?
2/ why the implementation of the cycle “straightening” is impossible?Both groups: opponents and followers of bulding “METOZ” live in XVII–th century and they not know that:
a/ the idea of an “energy” will be introduced into science scarlerly in mid. of XIX century,
b/ the law of conservation of the energy will be exist scarlerly after 1847 y.
Please open GOOgle and klick metozor and after : index of metozor At is site that explains technical details in easy to understand language. example : or
Everyone is able to build just the model of METOZ machine and test it. Please, have a look at Perhaps METOZ is some duplicating machine of a clean energy. I am inventor and owner of Metoz machine invention. Everyone can take absolutely and legitimate the METOZ invention and build the Metoz machine. I can help only. I can not build METOZ. I am moneyless. Thank you for your time and interest.

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