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February 27, 2004


Carl Porter

New energy source provides free energy with no harmful emissions. Inertiamag propulsion system generates inertial thrust to produce unlimited energy. Financing needed

David Shepard

Please look at our website, "". Our calculations show that, long range, electricity should be able to be produced at or below two cents per kilowatt hour by flying electric generators at most sites in the U.S., and thus beat out fossil fuels on the basis of economics. We have a great deal more engineering and other data not appearing on our website if of interest. We also do have FAA permission to carry out a demonstration at 15,000 feet altitude at an already restricted airspace. We don't yet have the funding we need (about three million dollars).

Incidentally, I started in electrical engineering at Cornell in 1941, and thus am Class of '45. My father Leonard Shepard and uncle, Laurens Hammond (of the Hammond Organ) were Cornell graduates. However, the Army took me out during World War II and sent me to Michigan, from which I have my degrees (A.B. and M.S.)

Team Fortress 2

that's a great news carl.... it is great!!! it's free!

Timothy R. Linde

Currently have and still developing a new back to basics style HHO reactor capable of producing large amounts of gas from water. While producing enough for many applications, vehicle, generator, or furnace. By using a simplified cell design and power system these units can either be easily mass produced or built by anyone anywhere. Although minimal funding is still needed. Anything would help o be able to bring clean, cheap, free energy to anywhere.

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