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January 02, 2004


Ken Boak

Sustainable Suburbia

I live 20 miles south of London in a 1905 brick built semi-detached house. I am slowly renovating the house to make it more in keeping with sustainable energy practices.

Insulation has been much improved and since 2000 the heating bills have been cut by 30%. A new condensing gas boiler has been fitted in order to achieve even greater fuel savings.

This Autumn will see the installation of a wood fired boiler and a waste vegetable oil powered combined heat and power system

I would be interested in corresponding with others who are working along similar lines.

Ken Boak

Redhill, Surrey, UK


we are* uhm, fucked


i think climate change will change the world for the better of the climate change.

but the climate change will be bad for humans. I think hurricanes and stuff are going to be bad

I also agree with tib, I think he is really talkative and informative. Oil is also going to be bad.

ken boak

I think we should treat the events of the last month ( and even back to Spring 2003 - when Iraq was invaded), as an energy crisis wake up call.

Why did oil rise from $30 to $70 a barrel over that 2 year period? Perhaps it's because it is becoming harder to pump cheap oil from the "easy" reserves. When it hit $70 per barrel, that should have triggered a response by the oil companies to start pumping from the more difficult areas (if they exist).

We are currently paying $6.80 a gallon for gasoline in the UK, and have paid high prices (mostly tax) for as long as I remember. As such our cars are more efficient.

I read recently of an enthusiast in the USA getting 76 mpg from a VW Beetle. If more cars did 76 to the gallon of fuel, rather than average of 25 mpg, then the oil would last 3 times as long.

It's not rocket science, but I still think in the long term, our current way of life is basically fkd.

Mike Cohn

Apathy is the enemy. People hold 33% of the power. Companies and govt each hold 33% each. And people can vote with their dollars AND their ballots so we are really the ones in control. But we feel our individual actions won't help. We are waiting for everybody else to do something before we do. Lemmings. I thought we were a proud people? Does fitting-in mean so much even years after high school? Why are we following and not thinking? I could not care less how many people think I'm not stylish, popular or trendy when I ride my folding bicycle up to a curb, fold it up and walk it into a store and out again in a fraction of the time and energy it would have taken to drive and park. Not to mention the time and effort I save doing silly deliberate cardio. I refuse to be part of the problem and live in denial about hurting my future generations with my waste because I know I CAN change the problem in my own small way. But most people don't think I'm wierd. I see their stares of admiration for the bike. It looks cool to fold up a bike in one second and do as you wish with it. In that moment, I am in control of my world. And people are inspired. They ask "where can I get such a bike?" So the point is that followers trying desperately to "fit in" by not thinking about environmental issues or "soldiers per gallon" need to get a clue. They are neither sexy, trendy or able to hold attention with their overpriced MTV and reality show commercial inspired clothing. They are just clones without a folding bike. Boring!


the weather is screwed up, our resources are scarcer to our population, there are epidemics around the horizon---spells disaster?

and it's not your "future generations" who will suffer---it is you--if your under or around 40 years old, most likely is that you will experience "energy shortages"--where it will be rationed---world economic collapse and poverty from the "energy shortages" and disease and pestilence from the "shortages"-- in short, the energy "shortage" will trigger a domino effect which will cause the "four horsemen of the apocalypse" for current human civilization, to arise.

And the 4th horse, ladies and gentlement, will probably be climate change--which will act as the final "taker of souls" after the first three have been initiated: energy shortage, poverty (aka economic collapse), desease.

The only solutions I can think of are the following:

as far as energy is concerned---all the stuff I have mentioned before (cars with 75 mpg or above---taxes or incentives so people use buses or bikes such as in china--use taxes in a "domino" effect to build even more mass transportation of this kind)----move to nuclear energy, and solar, wind nanotech for local communities---cars still operate on oil or natural gas with the 75mpg efficiency until we can find something better.

as far as nature is concerned: There is not a lot of "leeway" to do here, partially because nature is such a big ass machine---that it's actually kind of hard to manipulate it.

But as a first step---besides building domes everywhere on arable land to preserve crops and such, would be to build a huge white "sheet" that would cover the north pole and more.

They say that when ice melts---then less ice "reflects" heat back out to space, and thus speeds up the whole melting process---usually this is compensated during winter, this is not the case these past 4 years.

If you put a huge reflective sheet all around the north pole and hoisted it with ships--you could reflect more light into space and less heat would have direct contact with the "ice."

This would naturally make things "cooler" and bring about more ice on the north pole, which in turn woudl not disalinate the gulf stream enough to shut it down and eventually cause an ice age and eternal DOOM for the entire human race.

Heating up the gulf stream or "salinating" it is another possibility, but it would probably be a lot more costly than just building a huge white "sheet"

--we have built bridges with metal wires inside them that could go around the Earth's radius 60 times---we have built cities with enough material to cover the surface of the entire United States.

Why can we not build a large white sheet on the north pole to prevent further warming and DOOM?

a cheap material such as plastics or even a thin "carbon nanotube" sheet would do the job--and you can roll out thousands of these films.

That is the only way I think we could have any "lasting" impact on preventing the pole from disapearing and causing our total eventual extinction I might add.

Who knows, we might build these "giant" white sheets over entire states--that let the sun come through of course--but harness energy---and imagine the "static energy" such a sheet would possess over many square kilometers---you could use that energy to power a city.

Now, that's mainly to prevent an ice age---even if we did that we would still have warming ---but maybe that could be quelched by what I mentioned above (you would have colder weather under the sheets)and prevent pests from surviving or other tropical bullshit (if you did it in large urban areas for example or surburbs, famrs, etc--places with important economic implications) --have a sheet or sheets on the north pole , salinate the oceans a bit, and build domes around important crop fields--or infrastructures.

Now that I think about it---these "sheets" which could be refered to as the proverbial "roofs of cities" and urban areas could contain small "weeds" on the bottom part of the sheets--that convert the carbon dioxide from the unleashed by vehicles below into oxygen--you could grow them on the bottom end and they would get their energy from the warmth and light energy coming from the upper part of the sheet--

the sheet would probably not be entirely shielding of course--it would probably be like a membrane--like the membranes in our cells---it would be transparent probably letting in 70% of the light---but just releasing enough energy into the atmosphere to keep temperatures "stabalized"----the carbon dioxide could be devoured by the weeds or simply gathered--at the top and every week--they could send an extractor up to the "roof" to "extract" all the carbon dioxide--

yea, so that's what I think we should do

worried about wind and weather? we could tie it with ropes so it would act as a sale and open up at the top and even use it to protect the city---depending on the sheets strength---we could either bring them down in the event of a storm to prevent shear damage by the same mechanisms that bring sails on boats up and down---or if we have advanced far enough to create super strong ribbons or sheets (which I have heard have been created with carbon nanotubes)--we could just use them to maybe well---protect cities for example from high strength winds and maybe even divert water that falls down on the sheet to go down on the sides (I envision the sheet to be "spherical shaped") of it so it does not fall on the urban or important "economic complex"

so that's what I think we should do

semi-transparent white sheets with weeds, that's the solution for climate change.


this is my view for the "sheets"--

you get the material--and build spikes of varying heights to hoist the material into a "dome" shape---that covers a certain extent of a city--The material would probably best suited to be made of carbon nanotubes, plastic and rubber---

the carbon nanotubes and rubber would provide the strength and flexibility to sustain storms--the plastic and carbon nanotubes would reflect the excess light and harness the energy--

at the edge of the semi-sphere (on the ground) you would have like a plastic chasis that would uphold the main infrastructure--little "ports" out of this "enclosed" section would be built so people can obviously get out of this section--in the case of a storm--you could close these ports and allow the shield to protect the city.

some weeds would be placed at the very center of the dome--it would be like a "weed" chandelier--that would come down from the peak of the dome sheet---because most of the C02 would get concentrated there---and get turned into oxygen from the weeds---holes aroudn the sheet sphere would allow air to go in and mix with oxygen--these would be closed when there is a storm

this is for major urban areas---

for less important---sheets would just be used to deflect the light and "stabalize the temperature" --probably not resembling a dome--but more like an irregular landscape up there.

things like coatings, nano-coatings and such, are just examples of other things that could be used.


maybe you could also hoist maybe "little wind turbines" up on the spikes the hold the sheets up.


in a conformist world, the succesful non-conformist rules the Earth--

if the goverment places taxes for energy and climate kind of thing---like investing money instead of useless star wars and "space exploration" initiatives but on the "sheets" and saving the pole--that would be a lot more helpful that a "kyoto" or reducing emisions.

also, taxes for the right policies, trigger beneficial domino effects.

a tax that taxes everyone below 40mpg, allows for investment in public transportation, which in turn makes people want to go on public transportation because they are getting charged for their cars--which makes the public transporation cheaper and more sustainable--and then you charge for one-person vehicles, so people go in carpools, and then for people that could use bikes to go to work--they also get taxed, and you use the money to create "get your fat ass not so fat" programs or rather "more public transportation and bus networks--and community bike networks"

and so on and so on---until people start getting tired of getting taxed, so they get on a community bike to go to work--and they become not so fat, which makes them healthier and live longer, which in turn makes them more taxable, which makes the country richer to invest even more into "public transportation"

so in other words, just by placing 1 or 2 policies or initiatives, you have "made" a landscape that is now profitable and better for the whole--becoming more efficient.


the same applies for the sheets---you divert some money away from NASA, and effectively destroy the "mars and moon program" --you could then divert all those billions of dollars to making cities safer from catastrophies---saving the pole from melting and concurently, all of humanity from DOOM--and then stabalizing temperatures all over the United States so we can have better weather (the sheets would add up) AND help the energy initiative by harnassing solar and wind power with the sheets---AND all the excess efficiency and taxes diverted into more nuclear power stations ,etc, etc.

so yea---all you need is a guy in office with that type of initiative---but concidering that nowadays NOBODY is non-conformist, especially not politicians. I don't think the future looks very bright.


we have become a bunch of conformist little whimps and China will probably undertake those kind of MASS-initiatives--why do I say that?

they managed SARS excellently, and the avian flu even better---they are masters at efficiency with the re-arranging of an entire village to build the three gorges dam (and no those people did not go homeless--they got houses and aparments in other places such as shangai)

This is an example of a non-conformist society--because not everyone agrees---you jsut have an initiative for the greater good and you stick to it.

That is the sort of system that will work in the 21st century with the types of challenges we will have ahead...the conformists will constantly bicker and never reach a consensus--they will do things for their own good and "recogntion" and make sure they don't "stir" anybody's buttons---making everybody happy happy and therefore not doing the best for the greater good of the people---it will be an erratic agenda, where the whims of certain people at the time will dictate the future of a whole nation.

It's like the stock market, a guy gets an orgazm one day so he's like--o my god I feel so happy today--let me buy stocks--so he buys like 1000 stocks---then like other people see that and they buy stocks---so then everybody wants to buy there because they assume if other bought that means that it must be a solid company---in essence, the stock market is run by a bunch of bi-polar psychotic individuals who make certain markets due to their own crazy--I feel happy today in the morning--psychosis--

so then they all buy like a billion stocks and they make a market just because their all fucking crazy.

that is how pathetic a conformist culture is.

I am not saying communism is better than dempocracy--no way, democracy is the best form of goverment--but if you add meritocracy with some guys with balls---that reach power by something like SATs and by accounts that they are noble and altruistic people---those are the kind of people I want in power making decisions---the average conformist dumbass can give a dam about anything---and sine there are so many of them they may make things true because of their collective bi polar nature---they ultimately are innefficient and become extinct

best goverment is a meritocratic democracy with checks and balances---people reach high places by merits (sat type test) and character---I prefer this system than handing over the decision over to a bunch of dumbass---I feel happy today---people..

I really do. the checks and balances would keep the people in power in check---if they do anything that is really out of the normal (like try to take over the country god forbid George Orwell) we just revolt---they will stay in check---why hasn't bush taken over the country?

yea, your arguement is baseless.

meritocratic democracy for you. Period.


how to implement checks and balances on these " meritocratically elected" leaders?

they do a good job, they get 30 million dollars and fucking sex off the roof with huge ass mansion, recognition, respect, bla bla bla

they do a bad job (corruption)--they are eternally shamed, killed, tortured, and raped in jail---while they have a public "humiliation" ceremony infront of his whole family, press, and country...

YEA, that will make them THINK twice ...maybe don't you think?

anything else to throw?

how will they be monitored? checks and balances dumbass---put FBI on their ass, and then put NSA on the FBI's ass in case they get out of control---make the CIA watch the NSA, and FBI, the leaders watch the FBI, and soem other inconspicuous program watch everyone so these CHECKS AND BALANCES ensure there is no problem "airight"

still nervous?

we inject cameras all over the white house so every citizen can see what the leaders shit and stuff and keep them under control---big brother reverse---how does that make you feel?

what about policies that inject chips in your arm so medical personal can identify your blood type in case of an emergency, so you can pay your credit car bills?

your scared about your privacy--we put a password on it--a satelite that tracks you and everyone else--and only viewed in the case of a crime (everyone in the area during crime scene monitored---crime rate dwindles to zero)

who gets access to these files? everyone---even you---in the case of a crime--no one knows your location---afraid of frames? too conformist

stop being a pussy


that is the way to go...unfortunately---that is not going to happen..

so embrace for an ice age, eternal DOOM with energy shortages, pestilences and the dwindling of the human population this century to like 1 billion or less.

Have a nice day


yes, I know I have spelling erros, I know sail is spelled sail and push everyone's buttons---but hey--I am not a conformust little flower that will ensure everyone thinks I am erudit to accept my view---I just post my ideas---you may like it---or you may not--evaluate posts on someone's ideas and thoughts---not on their cute language--







wtf dude?

you just shit all over the keyboard maaa---a--a---an


Tom Lane

I am writing on behalf of Hammond Lane Renewable Energy and am looking for suppliers of small scale domestic renewable energy systems for my retail business.

The plan is to rent out space to suppliers in a number of high street sites for displaying point of sale marketing material, ie. leaflets and brochures. The instore teams would sell and demonstrate the product to the public and forward leads to you.

Many different suppliers selling in one site will send out a stronger message to the public and will give the technology a more competitive edge.

If you are interested please have a look at my business plan at

We believe that economic growth cannot continue without a complete conversion from finite energy resources to infinite renewable energy resources.

If you would like to hear more please email me at

Tom Lane

Please ignore the "jackass" link in the above post.


raining in eastern states...hmmmm... raining for 8 days straight, fresh water condensing for heated equator to fresh water on the upper atlantic.

Yea, the weather is defenitely screwed up, and getting worse.


I suggest you take a look at this site.

I think investing in a monitoring system of the ocean's current could more accureatly predict weather patterns such as rain, snowfall and other disasters---to more accurate could also, predict, when we will have our next ice age within the decade.

I don't know how much a system would cost, but I am betting my underware its gonna cost less than the space exploration initiative.

we are in times of great peril, you just don't notice it yet. We need to monitor the ocean currents better so we can know more accurately when an ice age or such will hit----Now, we don't know crap

The article above shows evidence that fresh water has been accumulating during the past few years in the north atlantic (40 years and even more this past decade)....if you have been paying any attention to the news you would have noticed there has been a lot of rain in new england...water vapor, a major greenhouse gas, condences as it comes northward from the south---where water evaporates more rapidly because of increased temperatures-----

if you use a little logic, you will notice that this rain that has been going on in new england for 8 days straight is probably also occuring in the upper north atlantic near greenland----more rain means more fresh water, and not just around the column of water, but on the surface, meaning that things might be a little bit denser? or less likely to sink? and therefore less likely to continue the gulf stream---and

if it does not continue ---then gulf stream shutdown and cold climate in new england (like a lot colder)

the website has two scenarios

scenario 1: we experience a gulf stream shutdown in 2 decades---causing major shit all over.

scenario 2: does not occur unti la century from now---the heating effects of warming counteract the effects of the cooling for like a decade, and then all shit breaks loose as in scenario 1.

My scenario: I think that since models predict a total melting of the north pole in 60 years. I am pretty sure that scenario 2 is out of the question----these abrupt climate changes would not take 40 years AFTER the WHOLE NORTH POLE has melted to start cooling----so I give it from now till 60 years from now. So since scenario 2 does not look probable..and there has been shitload of less salty water in atlantic, I would tend to go with scenario 1, maybe even sooner than scenario 1, like this year. But to keep it safe, I will say, within this 60 year period.

my conclusion: we need better stuff to measure the north atlantic--and therefore should invest in a network of stuff to measure the temperatures of the north atlantic and patterns underneath the surface that a sattelite cannot detect.

I am pretty certain this would not cost anywhere near the space initiative, and would ensure our security as a will come with the space elevator...and I am expecting that to happen in 50 years, however if we cannot survive 10 years from now there is no way in hell we will ever build the space first we have to monitor conditions and with a better model, we will know more accurately the time, if we know more accurately, we will be better prepared (like we can build the long sheet to cool the north pole)---and if we do that, we will survive better, with less economic impacts, allowing us to survive enough to build the space elevator and then we can do all the space exploration bullshit we ever wanted.


I suggest you just highlight the website and copy paste---it will direct you to the website even though it may not show completetly on the post


I am captured in an interdimentional gateway, I just learned that like my purpose was served, damm. bye...I guess I will shade away with the aisles of time to a time when I am needed maybe? who has me locked damm it-- .

Krishnan Thampi

Renewable energy is certainly the future.. especially after witnessing the grave climatic changes since last few years.. and also by the simple logic of calculating the thermal energy released every day from the more than 100 million barrels of oil pumped out from earth every day and burnt somewhere!! and not only that!! considering the oxygen used for burning that much fuel a day, which can be multitudes of breath air of our future generation!!
I am an engineer, working in the field of thermal power generation since last more than 30 years.. I was always a nature lover and also a green energy enthusiast. I had been to Portugal several times, where wave energy is being explored in a very interesting way. My interest and motivation has resulted in developing and testing a miniature wave turbine with very encouraging results. and highly cost effective. I am looking forward to team up with genuine renewable energy enhthusiasts or professionals to fully develop my concept and idea..
I strongly believe that ' ideas rule the world.. what we call a revolution is nothing.. but the passage of an idea from theory to practice..' so a green energy revolution is my dream!!



has anyone heard of the gigantic lightning storm on saturn?

I wonder if you could draw the lighting from saturn with a strong positive charge and direct the lighting with a fast moving prime (seed of light maybe) at earth for energy---

it seems the lighting over there fires every milisecond, its like an orgy of lightning---so it seems possible that a small positive charge could draw some of that out---and since electrons travel close to the speed of light---I am wondering if you could theoretically draw that lightning from saturn onto earth?



there is so many omens its hard to think that the end of civilization WON'T occur this century.

On top of all the bullshit of climate change, energy, bird flu

now we have the Iranian-jewish confrontation to be anounced---if iran gets a nuke, I bet Israel will react somehow, this whole place is about to explode, its just been waiting to will see, we will end up going after Iran, Syria..all of them..daddy when can I drop the bomb daddy? when? when?

jesus. If I were religious, I would take it as the apocalypse for sure;

middle eastern conflict (says in bible this is where the shit starts) (iran-jewish confronation --old persia vs. jews)
the rise of a mighty power (china

the three kings? europe, USA, China,

what do you think about the line of powerful empires?

Greek was mighty power(#1)--the last place they conquered was Rome.
Rome then became the mighty power power(#1), then the last place Rome conquered was England.
England became mighty power (#1), the last place they conquered was North America.
North America became mighty power (#1), the last place they conquered was the Philipines....

but wait, England also begot Hong Kong, which was the real LAST PLACE they conquered,

but North America was the official LAST PLACE because HONG KONG was only borrowed.

So there are two possibilities

China and North America are natural rivals, because they are children begot by the mother empire England,

which means that North America is the mighty power first (because it came officially first)--but then China will rule because China was the official inheritor (actual last place england conquered).

So China will eventually rule.

It says in the bible that the three kings will compete for dominance of the kingdown (global empire).

It says that two kings of the three are siblings and they will be the most agressive toward each other for control (China vs. America), the third sibling with calmly resign to the power of the rising power (China--Europe is degenerating getting to innefficient with labor force and selling out to China, its only a matter of time before they are taken over).

The remaining two siblings will (China vs America) will have conflicts for power and dominance.

It is not clear which one wins, but it is said in the process that the devil is comandeering one of the two kings, unleashes a new philosophy, and then kills the king under his control(the prevailing philosophy of one of the two countries: america or China), which is then replaced with the devil's philosophy and agenda and rallies against the opposite king. The philosophy successfully obliterates and demeans the power of the third king, which then falls and relinguishes power to the devil. (this could be an overreation to chinese power, such as americans overeacting to a threat to their way of life---and then dropping the bomb for example and having a degenerate and aggresive philosophy)

The devil then takes over the "kingdom" (planet earth) and establishes his rule.

The devil will then tag everyone with his sign 666 (everyone is registered under command and conquer with a chip to track where they are at all times, the world is placed under totalitarian control over paranoia), they also have to PLEASE the lord of this kingdom by doing "unatural acts" (such as doing immoral acts for the common good, as killing, raping, causing havoc and chaos and spying to ensure social stability)__

It says then that jesus and a charriot will come down from the skies and save "those who were truthful to him" (which probably means that the good people will rebel under a common prophet and leader)---jesus and his charriot then wins over the devil and brings the ones that had been loyal to him to the holy land and satan and his minions go to hell, marking the end of the earth (this could mean that this prophet strikes a defeat against the ruling unethical empire and then manages to live with "his saved people" seperately from those that live with the ruling empire)

in essence the ones with the prophet have freedom, outside of the walls of the evil empire, and those who did not fight for freedom and morals, stayed to their own dooms, behind the confines of the walls.

It could be that all of civilization was encasled in domes and the city expelled the prophet and his people and let them live on the outskirts of a barren earth?

basically starting a new civilization?

It is unclear what happens next.

but if you take it literally, the people of jesus ACTUALLY GO TO HEAVEN and the people from HELL actualyl go to HELL.

but maybe that is metaphorical for places on Earth

maybe the freedom people are "made" to live in paradise (a place designed for such people) while the people from hell cannot, they MUST live under the confines of TOTALITARIAN control becaus THEY ARE NATURALLY BAD,--they could not live in paradise and NEED a totalitarian to put them in order (because their bad) and could never live outside the walls cuz they would come back and harm the empire with a future evil civilization---therefore, it is a person's inherent quality of good or bad, that gives them the key to paradise.

so basically the evil empire is evil to keep evil people under control, while the good people can live without a totalitarian society because they don't need it to behave?

these "chosen people" are the people who can live without an outside arbitrator I guess?


good begets good, evil begets evil?

the good treats with good, the evil treats with evil?

I think it says somewhere in the bible about the provident path somewhere..
Seek the truth and thou shall find truth? go thee to find goodness and thou shall find goodness, go thee to find evil and thou shall surely find evil, for everything of this Earth comes from its seed, the good lamb begets the good lamb, and the lamb that comes from the creator begot the lamb and the lamb begot lambs..and so populating the firmament with the goodness of the hand of god..those that are unnatural are under temptations dominion... for they areslaves to their own nature, which bastered them upon the firmament...

yea, it went something like that I remmember.
too bad i don't know exactly WHERE it came from.

haha, talking about origins (go back to the source). So much about God, I just hope we get through that bullshit and get alternative energy and China becomes not so ridden with the devil's hand...and nor does a projected degenerate america.


Tiberian here--I HAVE A QUESTION:

I am informed that there are two main problems with nuclear fusion (hot that is)

1. It cools off too quickly because the neighboring heat levels in the air (everyday temperatures) cool it off too fast for it to ever achaive a "sustained" reaction---
2. The main fusion reaction (magma) needs to be controlled in order for it to focus its energy because sometimes there are "unstable" reactions---so you need to keep it under control.

For number 1:

The sun acheives nuclear fusion and does not get cooled off by the excessive cold of space by having several layers that seperate "the fusion reaction" from the "coldness of space"-- I read that the sun's interior is a lot hotter then the exterior and is sorounded by many layers---each succesviely less hot than the one before it.

so what if we built a reactor that had the main "ball of fire of fusion" in the middle of hot glass as a second spherical layer,, which would dissipate the energy created by the fusion more slowly when liquified (which it would liquify once the fusion ball gets heated up), and then a third layer made of cement say...--the last layer would be a metal encasement that would be rock solid and hold the whole structure together.

when the ball of fire is ignited, the glass melts and becomes a liquid because of the heat, glass would act like water but would be more viscous and dissipate heat more slowly--- then the cement becomes more liquid-like--but still solid--focusing most of the heat back "into the reaction"--- all these "layers, add up to the point of "focusing" the "heat and energy" inside, instead of it beign disipated fast by air, it is a way of gradualyl controlling how fast the heat leaves "the fusion ball" so that it can "sustain itself"---think of an igloo, the interior gets heated by "focusing" the heat inside, the heat "strengthens" itself because there is no way to escape.

is this a viable solution to solving number 1?

for number 2:

you would still need an electric or magnetic field to hold "the ball of fire" in place---otherwise it woud "sink" through the liquid glass toward the earth by the force of gravity---o\

so you hold the "ball of fusion" with a magnetic electric device?

so that solves part of two--it keeps the ball of fusion from destroying the whole structure--to control the "fusion reaction" in this ball from becoming "unstable" you could have flexible mechanical fibers that would act like tenticles and move in the hot glass as if through water, these mechanical "arms" would be very thin and flexible and would be able to sustain high heat levels (think carbon nanotubes, they can do that--so these would most probably be made of a "carbon nanotube composite")--these would ideally be in the glass liquid around the fusion reaction---and all over the sphere of this fusion ball

these would inject little magnetic or electrical "shocks" to the "fusion ball" where it may become unstable---

but you would first have to "detect" the movements of the "fusion ball" ---this could be done by placing sensors on the tips of these tenticles that feed data back to a computer which models the fusion ball or put the sensors seperately--also made of a carbon nanotube fiber--would relay info back to comp---then a program could give orders to the tenticles to give the electrical shocks needed for the ball to remain "stable."

Does that solve number 2?

How would you harness energy of such a machine?

you would have one central tenticle that would go through the spherical machine to the heart of the fusion ball and relay heat to a water supply which would then vaporize and turn a steam engine. However, the tenticle would regulate the flow of heat so that the ball would not "die" ---it would do it in a controlled fashion and just take out enough heat so that the reaction keeps alive and running.

would this work? I really don't get many answers with people around me besides "I don
t know"


I think that nuclear fusion, like all energies has its problems and benefits. teh greatest benefits are it creates huge amount sof power. equilivent to teh power of the sun, but on a smaller scale, obviously. the main problem is is it stablity of it all, it is hard to control and could result in a huge explosion. but is very clean, using hydrogen into water, its not exactly hard to remove water really :D



yea that was exactly the answer I was looking for.

German Burtscher

It would be quite educational to begin tracking the enormous advances being made in the field of clean burning woodheat. Wood as an alternative energy (the use of naturally fallen wood) can only be considered viable once cleaner burning technologies are being applied.

The EPA and various industry groups are attempting to regulate the industry and implement testing and emissions standards. Let's hope it will force R&D in segments of the industry that today generates heat with products that are terribly inefficient and grossly polluting.

Orlowski Zygmunt

Concerning global climate change.
New kind of clean energy has been invented!!!
Please open GOOgle and klick metozor and after : index of metozor At is site that explains technical details in easy to understand language. example : or
Everyone is able to build just the model of METOZ machine and test it. Please, have a look at Perhaps METOZ is some duplicating machine of a clean energy.
Thank you for your time and interest.
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The conception of an energy is discreate one to the same as a imbecility. No one has seen the energy and no one has seen the imbecility. We are able to observe results of the energy and imbecility. At present we have got to few energy because we have got to much imbecility.

Team 2

maybe you could also hoist maybe "little wind turbines" up on the spikes the hold the sheets up.

Team Fortress 2

I suggest you just highlight the website and copy paste---it will direct you to the website even though it may not show completetly on the post

Alternative Energy

Heres one I stumbled across the the other day and had to bookmark it. Very extensive and informative alternative energy resource. Alternative Energy


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Mike 18

Thank GOD, You found out something, that this world realy need.

mark potter

ive been studieing and working on feild magnectic drive motors to move a/c. their is no emissions why cant i get help building these motors


R2 Automation, Inc. Has A Turnkey Program For Producing Clean Energy From MSW Nationally, With Zero Emissions
March 30, 2009

R2 Automation, Inc. has a turnkey program for producing clean energy from MSW nationally, with zero emissions, R2 Automation's technology sterilizes and reduces Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) by over 85%, recovers recyclable material and eliminates the source of methane gas from the waste stream, and creates a clean cellulose fuel from which it creates electricity.


View original release here:

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