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January 02, 2004



This is an interesting blog, Curt. I somehow follow the developments in this area as well, and I remember Wired ran some articles about it. One that I found immediately (it was on my table :-) is in April 2003 issue. It's called "How Hydrogen power can save America". It is more about powering cars rather than electricity, but might be an interesting read anyway.

Another comment. I half-jokingly discussed with someone the following: what if we build micro-generators into our rain pipes (or whatever those pipes that let water off our roofs are called)? There is a very healthy supply of that water, especially in inclement weather (when the power tends to go out), and there are multiple pipes per house, so there might be enough electricity to at least power necessary things - lighting, refrigerator, may be heating or a stove.


Energy Information Resources

Heres one I stumbled across the the other day and had to bookmark it. Very extensive and informative Energy Information Resource. Biofuel at

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