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One-Line Bio

I am a Passion Catalyst (sm), helping people identify their passions and create careers that ignite them.


As a Passion Catalyst, I help people identify their passions and create careers that ignite them.

I work with people one-on-one (both in person and by phone), do passion workshops, and speak on passion focused topics (starting to see a trend here?).

I have written two e-books, "The Occupational Adventure Guide: A travel guide to the career of your dreams," and "The Five Fundamentals of Occupational Adventure" (see the links in the left-hand column).

On the media front, I contribute articles with a passion spin to Worthwhile magazine, a business/life magazine founded in 2004 by two Wall Street Journal veterans. I have been quoted in articles in New York Newsday, The Toronto Globe and Mail, The Seattle Times, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune,, and the America West inflight magazine, and have been mentioned as a career expert on CNN. I have appeared in live in-studio interviews on Seattle's Q13 Fox News, and have written career passion articles for newsletters such as and

At the core of my Passion Catalyst work is the Occupational Adventure Guide, a model I developed to help my clients visualize the journey and understand the process of creating a career that lights them up. You can read more about my Passion Catalyst work at

When I'm not busy catalyzing, I love travel, photography, rock climbing, playing my recorder (not well, mind you - but I haven't set the neighborhood dogs to howling yet), and long, romantic walks on the beach (oops! Had a "personals" moment. I'm better now).

I speak reasonably fluent Swedish, functionally ugly Spanish, and could read a French comic book if my life depended on it (but what are the odds of that happening - I mean really).

I've traveled to twenty-odd countries, lived in five of them...and no, that's NOT because they kept asking me to leave.

And now for the grand finale...drumroll please...I can wiggle my ears....are you ready for this...ONE AT A TIME!!!