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August 02, 2007


Working Girl

I do agree that many people see what they believe they will see. Is that your point here? This varies greatly from person to person, however, and I've often thought that the difference between artists and non-artists (if I may be so bold as to categorize people like this) is that artists see what is really there and non-artists see what they think is there.

Matt @ Realigned Living

I never thought about top-down processing and applying it to my life like that - when you view life events through that lens, it sure gives you an interesting twist.


This is really helpful for us OLDER folks who are finding themselves back in the workplace... It's not something I expected at my age, but I'd be lucky to find something that suits me AND helps pay the bills.

I also found this clip at Retirement Living to be helpful in collecting my thoughts about going back to work. Hope you do too!


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Hi Curt,
You haven't been blogging regularly off late; I hope everything is fine on your end.
Take care

Priscilla Palmer

You have been tagged for The Personal Development List. (See my site for details), I would love to have you participate.


Interesting concept I come to realize that you can shape your reality to be the way you want it by having a clear objective and working constantly to bring it to be.

John W. McKenna


You’ve been tagged for the “Does Most Leadership Suck Challenge”. Check your e-mail for details.

Take care...



Hi Curt,

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I believe that by just being a part of “Priscilla’ Palmer’s Personal Development list obligates each of us to also post this list. You like me (Killeris at “Attitude, the Ultimate Power”) are on this list. If you have already posted it, THANK YOU. If you have not posted it, I am officially putting out a challenge that you add additional sites that fit the theme and post it. This list can be found at:


The correct link is:


Those of us who are lucky are able to work at our dream job or at least have a pleasant outlook while working at th job we hate. Indeed, attitude is relevant to how we act daily. Examining our life, desires, and notions carefully and having a plan of what we would like to do as well as knowing ourselves can lead us to one of the most pleasant realities possible.

Know thyself well, and know happiness.


"Top down processing" is what results in our perceptions. Most of our interpersonal communications are predicated on our perceptions of what is being said rather than reality. This requires that we receive feedback from those we communicate with to ensure that their perception is what we intended.

jen_chan, writer

Doesn't this apply to health as well? I remember reading something about how what you think can greatly affect the condition of your body. The article dealt with breast cancer, I think and the patient's attitude somehow played a part in her getting better. Is the top-down process much like mind over matter?

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