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May 24, 2007


Rowan Manahan

Do you live in your head, your heart or your gut?

The most 'together' people I meet have a preference, but can move smoothly from one type of relaxation to another, depending on the circumstances.

The 'untogether' ones seem to have an inability to truly relax, or rely on anaesthetics to bring them to what they deem to be a relaxed state.

Working Girl

I am "read oriented." That is, when I need to relax and get un-wired, I open a book. It puts me in another world.


This is an excellent and very interesting post.
I write to inform that I referred part of the text of its post, in my Blog Encounter.

Alex Fayle

I'd say I'm emotion-oriented. If I can calm my emotions then the rest follows and I use a combination of these other three types to deal with the body, after I've already relaxed a little.


This is an interesting approach to relaxation. How about smell oriented relaxation - when you relax at the smell of a certain incense.


Great post! I've high vibed you and pinged you for the Raise Your Vibes game!

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