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May 03, 2007



What great insights! I've never been much of a pet person, but I grew with one dog and two cats. When I was in grade school, I tortured those cats. I didn't do anything that you'd see on Jackass or physically harm them, but I tormented them. But they still loved me, I think. They'd still come around for some good lovin' when they needed it. Eventually, I stopped giving them trouble. I guess you could say that means, love your family. No matter what. That's not a bad lesson to learn.

Scott McArthur

Great idea this. Made me think of my cat Mr Baggins. He is so chilled you would not believe. He has taken to sleeping on the front step. Just sits there looking at the world go past with a smile on his furry face. Right now I'm sitting in a coffee shop doing just the same thing and feeling like that cat that got the cream!

Career Change

Someone once sent me a link to a website about Everything I Learned, I Learned from my dog. I wish I had saved it. One of the points it made was the EVERYONE loves to be received with enthusiasm. The tail wildly wagging when you walk through the door.

Another tip was something about not holding a grudge. Think about it. Dogs don't hold grudges. Granted someone who is always mean to them, they will avoid. But if you have a bad day and yell at your dog unfairly, the next day you still get the same tail wag and face licking as ever. They don't wait for you to apologize. Like I said I saw this written up really well some place, but I don't know where.

Someone told me once that when I was out on maternity leave that the whole dept missed me. They said I was like the big family dog, that even the guy who just complains about me being messy and noisy probably missed me when I wasn't around. Guess that was some compliment, huh? even though most women don't want to be compared to a big hairy dog! ha ha

Diane Gordon

What I've learned from my pets: If one of my flock is perched somewhere, I want to bite his feet and perch there instead.


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