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April 03, 2007


Changing Careers

I think you are right that happiness does boost productivity. I mean having sat at a job that I don't feel motivated to do, I know that is not productive. And I took the SATs in high school about a week after I fell in love (it really was love, we've been married 24 years now). Anyway I took the SATs in a supremely happy state of mind and I don't want to brag, but the results were pretty awesome.

Operating when you are unhappy is like carting along 100 pounds of emotional baggage. Everything takes longer.

On an unrelated topic, I was web surfing and I came across an article on a Time magazine blog at:

Check it out everyone. It's Curt. He's just such a modest guy that he didn't brag about it here.

Very cool!


I would say that being happy at your job is the result of you being challenged, rewarded and appreciated. Happiness is the result of your efforts and if you efforts are not appreciated you go from happy and productive to disgruntled and unmotivated. I am currently at the disgruntled and unmotivated point. The problem is that every company I've worked for is pretty much the same. No rewards, no incentives, lack of employee value.


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