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March 01, 2007


Working Girl

It sounds so old-fashioned, and even simple-minded, but making up your mind to be happy is a very big part of being happy.

Grandma said it, Mom said it, and now science is proving it!

What's next?!

Erin Blaskie

I absolutely agree! I think it's vitally important to stop and think about what you are grateful for. Otherwise, you'll never feel satisfied with what you have and what's around you and you'll instead be looking to fill voids that otherwise wouldn't be there.

Erin Blaskie

Kate WIlliams

I know this works in my life! "Absolutely no question about it", as my grandfather used to say.

What catches my interest is the power of gratitude as a practice, in other words, something I choose to integrate in my life every day; something I choose to do regularly. Sometimes it comes naturally, without thought, and other times it is a discipline.


I met Julia Butterfly Hill at a Ben Harper concert..she was so cool, since then I've begun on a long journey of Self Improvement that's led me back to more gratitude!

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