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March 20, 2007



Hi Curt,
Couple of days ago you have posted about TaiChi class you attended.
That inspired me to enquire more of TaiChi and Yoga, I figured that my local sports club offers a free class in TaiChi every Monday. I have been attending it regularly and enjoying it immensly. Just wanted to say thanks! Thanks!

Lisa Braithwaite

This is a great analogy. My factory could be doing better. :-) I recently started working out with a trainer and although I prefer to work out at home, alone, I'm glad she's motivating me to get out of the house, because working at home all day can be a little confining.

As for dietary issues, I've been a vegetarian for almost 20 years, and eat better than most people I know. But one way that I've found not to stray into the snack cabinet (besides eliminating it altogether - yeah, right), is to keep a list of healthy breakfast, lunch and snack ideas - foods I like and will actually make for myself - right on my fridge. A snack may a little more time-consuming, like a smoothie, or it might be simple, like a hard-boiled egg.

So when I'm craving something salty or sweet or am feeling lazy about making lunch, this list of options helps me make the right choices.

Curt Rosengren

Aarthi - very cool to hear that! Thanks for letting me know.

Lisa. Thanks for the great tips. That's right in line with what for me seems to be a really important approach..."Make it easy!"


As far as eating for mental and sharpness, staying away from high processed foods with lots of additives and preservatives is key.


Oops, that last link didn't post correctly. This article about Yellow 6 is just one example out of MANY that prove why eating organic foods is so much better.



However, before you start doing quick fat loss tips, you need to make sure they are right for you. weight loss programs work for people of all type and all ages. Go for it

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