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February 16, 2007


Pete Aldin

Curt, I tried for 3 years to learn conversational Khmer from some Khmer freinds. In retrospect I should have combined the spoken with the written language.

It's a tough language. I've always been good at languages but I couldn't break this one. After 3 years, I could only talk about lunch and the weather ... although I could tell when my friends were plotting to put cow's stomach in my meal!

My hat is off to you teaching yourself!

Curt Rosengren

Yup. For me the written component is vital. I need to be able to have it in front of my eyeballs to really get it.

Camille Crawford

I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I found you on a Technorati search for 'personal development'. I feel that perspective is everything. Nice to find you here.

Camille NOW

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