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February 22, 2007


Working Girl

Wow. I sort of have to admire her honesty.

A lot of companies/people operate from this place of fear. Heck, even some husbands and wives do! "If you stop and take a look at what you really want, does that mean you're going to leave me?"

You were right on. Did you manage to change her mind?

Chris Bailey

Karen, you're absolutely right. If we can extrapolate the personal back to the business, it points to the idea that an organization is built on relationships. When a company doesn't really take the time to foster an honest and caring relationship with its employees, its left with low trust.

If an organization isn't interested (or plan scared out of their pants) in building a culture where people are encouraged to bring all of themselves, then it almost seems tantamount to accepting mediocrity from it's entire business.

Curt Rosengren

Karen, no, I don't think I did change her mind. I suspect we might have found a common ground eventually (she's actually a very successful businesswoman with a lot of business savvy), but the event started so the converation/debate was cut short.

Chris, yes! Exactly. It just doesn't make any logical sense why you wouldn't want to have all of the resource you're investing in (in this case, employees) show up.

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