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January 30, 2007


Josh Kaufman

Congrats, Curt - what a milestone!!! Thanks for all of the helpful perspective you've provided over the past few years. I recently made a fantastic change in the course of my career, and your advice and book helped me make the leap.

Here's to another 1000! :-)



Hello Curt,
Wow thats a nice milestone, congrats and a big thank you to you.
I reserve some part of my daily time to read your blog, you have really created a wondeful space to connect.

Curt Rosengren

Excellent, Josh! I'm psyched to hear that. So glad that my blog and my book have helped create tangible positive change. I love that!

And thanks Aarthi. I'm glad you get enough out of what I write to spend some of your valuable time here on a regular basis.


Congrats! I think you've done great things here. I've referred several friends to your blog.


1000? That's great! Congrats.


Congrats Curt. Your blog has been very influential on me and also one of the first blogs that really convinced me how useful blogging can be. As I write this, I am working on getting my first blog up and running. Thanks for sharing your insight!


Troy Worman


Phil Gerbyshak

Well done Curt! Love your work, and learn a LOT from each of your posts. Glad to see you writing for Motto too.

Here's to 10k more!

Matthew Cornell

Jesus! That's a lot of writing. Well done.

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