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December 26, 2006


Jodee Bock

Curt: I've found that the best lessons I can learn for myself come from my "failures." My biggest "aha" moment came this past year when I realized that as a recovering perfectionist, I rarely give myself the opportunity to fail at anything, and thus keep myself from learning very valuable lessons. Now I look forward to those things that frustrate or upset me because I realize they are signposts to wonderful lessons. The irony is that as I gain more insight, I have fewer frustrations! At least I'm willing to take more risks since I'm convinced that at my current level of self-awareness, I really can't "fail" - I just get more chances to learn!

Kate I

Hi Curt, thanks for the link to my blog! I enjoyed reading your posts and loved your Cambodian photo's. Those beautiful orange robes reminded me of a trip to Laos that I took a few years ago, and Cambodia and Myanmar are still on my list of places I want to see.

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