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October 05, 2006



An additional word on "Toxic Worry"...

Toxic worry will make you physically ill. I am talking from experience and observation. Yes, we all worry, good worry, but for the most part when we worry for too long it becomes toxic. I have seen toxic worry mutate into gall stones, literal pains in the neck, problems with your teeth (grinding) and not to mention high blood pressure (stroke).

The feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability are the tip of the iceberg. When you get to P&V it is time to check yourself seriously. I hope people reading this article will take the steps suggested here because those steps will save your sanity, gall bladders, teeth and in some cases your life.

Worry is a part of stress and both of them are nothing to joke about, if you find yourself in a constant state of worrying please read the article.

Thanks for sharing this article, it served as a reminder to me and I hope it serve as a word of caution to your reader.


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