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September 18, 2006



Oooooh...I smell a possible future topic for Collective Genius.

I made an utterly imperfect pitch to my former employer about Squidoo and generally using the Web to expand our reach and expertise (whether we used Squidoo, a blog, whatever). The general idea was perfect -- we had a lot of knowledge inside our walls about the industry for which we developed products and services but did a lousy job of contributing to the larger dialogue. The pitch was imperfect because our management and infrastructure was nowhere near ready to embrace a communications model that included things other than a newsletter. Although a couple of managers were kind of out on the cutting edge, I overestimated how close they were and the idea died in the water.

The same thing happened earlier in the year when I once again made a pitch for developing e-learning courses for our clients.

The research that I put into e-learning ended up getting used for my own business interests, and now I'm teaching online courses for a local college.

The research that I put into blogging and Squidoo ended up getting used for the animal rescue I work with, allowing us to extend our reach with education efforts without tapping out a limited budget.

In both cases, I didn't have a band working in the room with me. But I did have friends and associates who heard me trying to brainstorm for ideas and reminded me, "Hey, didn't you have this idea a few months ago...?".

Had I not taken the initial risk of putting an idea "out there", I would have missed out entirely on two things that now bring me an enormous amount of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Dawn Goldberg

One of my former clients would always say that there are no bad ideas, just jumpstarts to great ideas.


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