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June 26, 2006


Monica Ricci

Curt, you are so right! We often let our fear of being wrong / looking dumb / being annoying / failing / or whatever stop us from something we really want to try. Great lesson in your post today!

patti digh

I love this ode to the power of "so" - what a fantastic insight and very helpful to me as I contemplate making writing a priority, not a sideline. Many, many thanks!

Phil Gerbyshak

No doubt on the power in this one
Curt. So what...At least we tried, and often, it's that little voice that is afraid of success that holds us back.

By the way, you're not wrong. Your course is awesome! I'm keeping it to re-listen to it for a good long time. Well done!


You really have created an amazing online tool.

Not only do I love to read your site, I've made it a required bookmark for all my friends.

I hope that leads to buying services from your "much needed" business.

Thank you.

Chas Martin

If the fear is self induced, get over it. If the fear is organizationally induced, consider changing organizations. A culture that does not support mistakes, does not support innovation. See: Failure: A building block of innovation. If Intuit can reward failure and still be a very successful organization, then othere organizations can too.

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