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March 21, 2006


Jim Durbin

The studies into how human beings learn supports the idea that frustration over "not knowing" is an important step in the learning process.

Our ego creates a barrier around our current knowledge. Anything outside that barrier is considered worthless, as our ego tries to suggest that if it had worth, we would know it.

Frustration is the catalyst which causes the ego to stop playing traffic cop and open our mind to new ideas.

In admitting that we do not know, our brain is given the freedom to actually "learn" a new concept.

And so, the greater the frustration, the larger the opportunity.

It's like the scientist who says, "That's impossible - the only way to solve the problem would be (and then he gives the answer)."

Maureen Sharib

Who was it, when asked a question, remarked he was relieved to answer he did not know? Twain?

Hiren Shah

All positivity comes out some negativity and vice-versa. That is the way life is and that is why whatever goes up has to come down and vice versa.

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